Internal dialogue of a dispirited hockey mom

I don’t wanna go to the rink.

There, I said it. Happy New Year.

It’s like the holidays didn’t even happen. We head right back into the crazy hockey lifestyle that had us so tired before Christmas. I felt relaxed and recharged at the end of last week, but then the email went berserk when all the schedule updates came in.

On Saturday we had three rinks. One was canceled due to extreme cold (it was an outdoor practice). Yippie doo.

The second one was hockey for the boy child. I didn’t go to because…I have many reasons. I won’t bore you. (They won 12-1.)

The last rink I did go to and I saw my 10yo girl child score twice in her ringette game! (They won too.)

It was fun to reconnect with the ringette families, I’ll admit that. But…it was cold. And dark. Night time. I would have preferred to stay in and have a glass of wine.

Then on Sunday I had to drive to take her to another game. The boys had their own game. After, there was a debate about what to eat with the three of them bullying out-numbering me to pick something up.

We had Thai Street Food.

Tonight the girl has a practice at a rink.

The boy has dryland at a gym in a rink.


But there is one amazing thing that came out of that super busy rink weekend. The Thai food had enough leftovers to make thermos lunches for the kids’ first day back to school today.



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