You know how they say clichée things like ‘the year started with a bang’?

Lotta bangs happening here…and some of them will cause a ripple effect into January. This is both good and bad simultaneously, but what can I do except grin and bear it?


1st Bang

My relatively ancient, at least five year old laptop had keyboard problems in December. We temporarily remedied this with an external keyboard, prolonging its life by what we hoped would be several months at least. But then quite suddenly right around the end of the year, it decided to give up its ghost completely.

So I needed a new laptop. This is both good and bad news. Good news because I rarely get new things, especially electronic things. Good also because the one we bought has a three year warranty through our Costco membership;  other, similar laptops elsewhere did not offer this without an extended warranty. The bad news? New things cost money and we’re still in catch-up phase from the college strike. The timing was not good.

But here I am typing my very first blog post of 2018 on a brand new laptop. 🙂

2nd Bang

A few days after our first white Christmas in years he threw his back out. Maybe he overdid it with the shoveling that day, or maybe that was the final straw in a string of activities that contributed to the ultimate pain. He was completely incapacitated for days, unable to get a physio or doctor appointment until after the new year. In fact, he preferred it that way, wanted to rest as much as possible. So I had my guy here lying on his back or side in various rooms around the house trying to rest.  We took advantage and also stayed in, letting the kids plug in much longer than usual, and just relax. No one went out except to purchase food or groceries, and we spent a lot of time lazying around. Even I had extra naps and read a few books. Bliss!

This meant a change in our New Year’s Eve plans. He was in no condition to walk, stand or sit for more than a couple of minutes at a time, so I sent the kids to the neighbour’s on their own to get a head start at a party there. I followed a couple of hours later, on his urging, and had a nice time catching up with some neighbourhood friends I hadn’t seen in a while. He went to bed early, conked out on painkillers. Sigh.

Knowing what chronic pain is like, I understood the need to want to stay home in self-designated comfortable positions. After midnight rolled around on December 31 and we rang in the New Year with friends and neighbours, I walked home with the kids in the frigid polar weather. There was an almost full moon in the crystal clear sky above us. The crunching of the snow under our boots reminded me of walking to the ski slopes in the Swiss Alps during my my childhood. The kids walked ahead of me and we remarked on how bright the stars and the moon looked in the icy cold weather. It was only five blocks we walked, and managed to reach home before the effects of frostbite set it. (Yes, it was that cold, and there wasn’t even any wind.)

That is a memory that is etched into my brain. A snow-crunching walk in a pitch dark night surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights, bright white snow and shiny stars leading us home. Not sure if the kids will remember that night the same way, and I’m ok with that. It was a rare and precious moment just the three of us shared. I’ll gladly hang on to that moment when they resume bickering in the coming weeks. 🙄

3rd Bang

Right after he purchased the new laptop for me, he said his phone is on the outs. ‘Almost unusable’ were his exact words.  For some reason, back when he replaced his old blackberry a couple of years ago, he opted for a newer version of blackberry. I get why, he wanted to stay loyal to what once was an iconic, innovative, Canadian brand. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to stay up with the technology in such a way that allows for a certain amount of longevity or reliability…

We are not the type of people that run out and replace still functioning technology with newly released technology just to be one of the first to have it. But when he mentioned going blackberry again I hesitated. I need him to have a reliable phone and it’s been frustrating when we’re trying to balance all the running around with the kids sports and he’s not getting my texts. He also has trouble seeing the shared google calendar on his phone, or load teamsnap, the app that hockey, ringette and both baseball teams use for scheduling. The fact that he has unreliable service on these apps irritates me to no end. It is essential we are all on the same page. I shared my opinion with him and he agrees. Question is, what kind of phone is he going to get?

Long story short, he needs a new phone at a time when we’re already short on cash. I just hope the old cars can hold it together long enough to get us through hockey season this year…

2018 so far

We’ve done very little during this two week period of the holidays. We’re completely fine with that. Judging by the email going berserk in the past couple of days tells me this term, going into playoff season for both the kids’ sports, will be extremely challenging. He’s still recuperating from his back issue, and not a single weekend in the foreseeable future has any downtime in it, so I’m hoping our extreme relaxing has recharged our batteries enough to make it to spring.

Spring! With the deep freeze out there it’s impossible to even think about warmer weather…

And then….this happened:

A new(ish) neighbour invited us over and he thought I was 36.


I am not 36….

(I was 36 when I had my first baby…)

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Bang!

  1. Hi Claudette,
    I think that new technology can be one of the very best ways to re-energize and re-inspire us for a new year. I am therefore going to attribute the poignancy and beautiful writing of Bang #2 to Bang #1. That may not be the case, but leave with living in my bubble, okay?
    Enjoy your new writing partner 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha!
      Perhaps this could be a trend for my blog. Certainly a lotta bangs going on with tweens in the house! Weekly bangs to recount… Thank you for stopping by. 😊


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