More house maintenance, a big breakfast and snow!

I took the kids out for breakfast this morning because we’re getting the ducts cleaned. I knew they’d have the door propped open for a portion of the day, and would be walking around the house dealing with the vents. Knowing what my kids are like during their morning routine, I didn’t want to deal with that added dimension – trust me no this. The end of the semester prior to the highly volatile Christmas break = major grumpiness among my minions here. Best to get them out of here. 🙂

But first, they had to help dig out the cars. We had a lot of snow overnight!

They got to choose their own breakfasts. The boy selected a Lumberjack special which came on two plates (yikes!) and the girl her usual pancakes. She would eat sugar with sugar on top every meal if I let her…I ordered the eggs benny and got a big bowl of fruit which I shared with the kids. Last day of school and all that…whatever. They enjoyed it, and so did I. Bonus – there are two containers of leftovers.

When I got back after school drop off, I found a cool truck on our driveway, called Airforce. Ha!

The moment I stepped into the house I could tell the air smelled different. It was almost like all the dust particles that are usually flying around, especially now with the heating vents blowing warm air throughout the rooms, are gone. The air literally felt cleaner! I’m amazed.

We should have done this years ago.  Brings back memories of house maintenance issues I mentioned recently.

Home ownership is a learned art for most. Like many people, when we bought this house we didn’t know much about how to maintain it. We dealt with things as they happened, rather than to be proactive. This isn’t unusual as house maintenance is expensive, but pro-activity is in your favour, take it from someone who knows. Simple things to do to prevent major issues down the road include regular furnace filter changes, or cleaning out your downspouts to prevent clogging which could lead to leaks inside the house. Not waiting until your roof leaks by periodically glancing at all sides of your roof helps too. And keep an eye out for what your neighbour’s are doing. Are they using a roofer? A duct cleaning company? Landscapers? Talk to them about recommendations. You might learn a thing or two about how to keep your house in good working order.

But this duct cleaning? I don’t know why we waited so long. It isn’t particularly expensive considering just how much crap collects in the ducts (we paid about $300 but we live in a bungalow, not a two story house) and it doesn’t have to happen every year, either. I would recommend it after a renovation, for sure (and we’re about three years late on that). If there’s allergies in the house, or pets that shed, I’d recommend doing it every couple of years or so. And change those furnace filters!

So another thing is done. Next up: snow shoveling. They mentioned we wouldn’t have a white Christmas this year but the weather people were wrong. Surprise! It’s beginning to really look like a true Winter Wonderland.

One thought on “More house maintenance, a big breakfast and snow!

  1. I enjoyed your post, Claudette. And I can certainly identify with the importance of home maintenance, although not at all with the topic of duct cleaning. In that regard your post made me chuckle. I get calls all of the time from telemarketers who are desperate to come and clean my ducts. When I tell them I don’t have any, there’s a long pause. I just know that the guy on the other end of the line is sure I must be pulling his leg. So I take time to explain – my home is slab on grade, which means there is no basement, which means there is no furnace, which means that there are not and never will be any ducts. The answer I usually get to that is a grudgingly reluctant, “Oh, okay” as if they’re still sure I must be lying. Maybe that’s why, when I request that they take me off their phone list it never makes one blasted bit of difference.

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