It’s not just Texas that gets snow…and other random ramblings

The first snowfall of the season happened yesterday and stuck around for the day today. There is little in the world that makes me smile more than driving or walking by a school yard at recess or lunch and hear the children’s delight. All it takes is enough snow to build forts and snowmen and the kids are happy as clams!

With the snow and wetness however comes the inevitable outerwear detritus that is now part of our entrance way. I also noticed I forgot to put the thick winter floor protectors into the cars. I remembered the long-handled brushes, but not the floor mats.

The bucket of environmentally friendly salts sits by the door and so do the various sized snow shovels.

Then, the sun came out and everything sparkles! I must say…

Of course we do not have our tree yet. It was supposed to arrive yesterday but instead, someone booked a duct cleaning for December 22.

That someone was not me. But alas…

At least we’ll be having Christmas eve dinner with clean air moving through the vents.


In other news, every single thing I bought for the kids in terms of clothing or shoes didn’t fit. That’s a first, for me, and also renders yesterday’s post moot. Today, instead of staying home and dealing with detritus, I had to go return stuff, and managed to run two more errands. Once I’m out I’m out and I may as well get shit done.

But we still don’t have a tree. I should have stopped at Sobey’s, the big one near the Ontario Food Terminal, I was almost halfway there anyway. They have small sized trees for twice the price of a regular tree, which would be much more practical given the duct guys will be trampling around moving furniture on the 22nd…

Tomorrow is another day.


I went to check out a new organic bakery. From the outside the place looked quite big. But the size is deceiving; it must be the actual bakery part where the ovens are located that’s large, because the store was literally a hole in the wall. But the guy was friendly and after his speech, I picked out a few items and pulled out my debit card to pay when he said: we take cash.



Just this morning I had given the last of my cash to my boy who needed to pay a fee for the school hockey team. The bakery didn’t have debit access, and so I put most items back, and paid in coins for my lonely loaf of spelt bread.

Even the Dollar Store takes debit for crying out loud…

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go deal with my detritus. 🙂


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