How to shoe shop for kids

Shopping has never been my thing. Shopping for shoes and clothes for the kids, when they were preschoolers or much younger, was often a bit of an ordeal. I lucked out with a lot of good quality hand-me-downs for our girl, but the boy needed stuff that had to be purchased. Sometimes, grandma would bring clothes, but other times, and particularly for shoes, the kid had to come with me to try on the foot ware himself.

It helps when everyone is in the right mood to go to a store, and try on stuff. With the hectic sports schedule around here, it’s tough to fit that time in, and I sometimes think it’s just easier to do it myself when I’m out anyway, without them. So this is how things roll with my family:

Tip number 1 – JUST DO IT

Tip number 2 – LEAVE THEM AT HOME

There are positives and negatives to both scenarios. And it completely depends on the particularities of your kids which method you prefer to use. Also your mood, level of sanity and patience, and a variety of other factors like location of stores, brands available, sales and all that.

Today, I came up with a new method.

Tip number 3 – GO BY YOURSELF and snap pictures

Take photos of the brand of shoes they normally like, are available in the correct size and happen to be on sale. Then, text them to your kid(s). Like this:

One of my kids will have his phone at lunch and may respond. The other doesn’t use her phone till after school and she may respond at the bus stop.

Either way, they can give me an inkling whether they like the ones I took pictures of, or not. For example, the boy’s shoes I saw were the brand he usually picks, but a bright red colour. Not sure if he cares about colour or not…

Tonight I will have the boy with me but not the girl. If the girl tells me she likes one of the three pairs I photographed for her, I can pick them up while the boy tries on his red shoes and maybe even picks out a pair of winter boots.

End result? Both kids have shoes, one kid may have boots, and I don’t have to run to seven different stores to find something that fits. With kids in tow.

Incidentally, I do this with boy pants shopping. I leave him at home, most of the time. I measure him every so often, around the waist/hips, the inseam of the leg, etc, and then when I’m out and about I often take a detour through boys clothes because…boys! They always need new pants. Then he has to try them on immediately when he gets home from school and, so far, 99% of the time, the pants fit. No returns. πŸ™‚

My boy is like me, not a fan of shopping. He puts on a brave face, and then asks to go look at electronics in a store a rarely if ever frequent, so we manage just fine. Once or twice a year… πŸ™„

The tween girl in the meantime LOVES shopping and LOVES the Justice store and LOVES planning outfits and LOVES just looking and…I sometimes indulge her. But mostly, I pawn her off. After all, that’s what grandma’s were invented for. πŸ™‚

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