Neglected house maintenance and pesty insects

General house maintenance that includes seasonal work (gardening) but not housework (i.e. vacuuming) needs to be put on a calendar in this house.

Take the furnace. Theoretically we should be doing a yearly maintenance on this thing. But we have a relatively new one so we haven’t bothered. What we should be doing however is change the filter at least twice a year, preferably more often if it gets really dirty.

I used to have a reminder in my online calendar that pops up every four months to change the filter. I then would mentioned it to the man in the house who knows which filter we need and, having a friend in HVAC, may be able to get a deal off of him if he plans it right. Plus it appears men in general like going to Home Depot to shop for house maintenance-y things.

But then I switched calendars from yahoo to google and somehow managed to forget to transfer this crucial information of seasonal house maintenance. Which is why we completely forgot to check the furnace filter.

Lately, I’ve been noticing more dust in this house. A lot more dust. No one else notices dust but me, which of course is a given, so when I start complaining that everyone pick a room to vacuum you would think it would alert at least some of the members of this family that maybe, there is a reason we have more dust than usual.

I simply figured it’s because we’ve been running the heat. We have forced air, so the dust would get blown about through the vents.

Dust on baseboards is unsightly and makes me sneeze, but again, I’m the only one who sees it. Or is bothered by it. Using the brush attachment I attack every baseboard in the house despite the pain in my neck that’s been bothering me for months, and a day later, we have dust on the baseboards again. Looks like black soot.

Finally it dawned on me. I should be reminding him to check the furnace filter. I did this on Monday and Tuesday and finally on Friday he did it and…?

A bunch of dead wasps fell on his head.

So now we have to deal with that too.

Today I announced that no more decorations will be placed around the house until every nook and cranny is vacuumed clean. Which means every member of this household has to choose a spot and clean it.

As far as the wasp nest is concerned? Would have been a lot easier to deal with the external issue on a sunny, warm day than on a cold day with flurries.

Lesson learned, me thinks? At the very least, I have now entered the house maintenance schedule into the calendar.

One thought on “Neglected house maintenance and pesty insects

  1. First let me say, I hate bugs SO MUCH. The very idea of a wasp nest somewhere inside the house is HORRIFYING. My thoughts are with you.

    Second, I so hear you about house maintenance. It is shocking how little my husband and I knew about taking care of a building when we bought our first house. We had no idea, for example, that furnace cleaning was even a thing. We sold that house after about 7 years, and the new buyers were all like, “We love it, but the furnace looks like it has never been cleaned, so could you take care of that?” and we were all like, “Um, it has LITERALLY never been cleaned because we did not even know about that.” Likewise for just about every other regular home-maintenance thing you’re supposed to do. SIGH.

    What I need is a handy checklist of home maintenance stuff, and I have a feeling if I googled I’d find one, but then it would be too depressing because we’d basically have to withdraw from life in order to spend all our time on home maintenance. SIGH.

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