It’s the most….

….Bah Humbug.

This has been the most hectic couple of weeks and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon, either.

What is it about this time of year that has everyone so upsidedown with stuff going on? And for the record, we don’t do a lot of extra. I have some baking done, but not too much (we’re on a low sugar kick here to keep the sickness at bay), we have some shopping done (but not a lot, the College strike set us back a bit and we’re still trying to manage from that fallout), and we have not set up the Christmas tree yet, either. Although the 12yo pushed the furniture around to accommodate the space for it…question is, when will it get bought, decorated and set up?

Don’t ask me. My pinched nerve in my neck is causing my right arm to be semi-lame, so this year, they can deal with it on their own.

Then the girl child got sick. Lasted a mere 24 hours but she’s not eating her usual portions so I’m keeping her home an extra few days to get her energy back up (which will come back to bite me later, when I’m extra tired and she wants to go out and burn energy). Lucky for us, she’s in competitive ringette, and double booked on Saturday, so we’ll just let her burn her energy there, then.

I’ll stay home and sip tea, instead. Maybe.


In the meantime, I also have this guy flying around my house:

Isn’t this the most ridiculous invention? I dare you, go on Twitter and hit the hashtag #Elfontheshelf and just read those complaints… 🙂

For the record, our guy does his thing during school hours, not at night. Mostly. Because he’s a little nutty. Makes him fit perfectly into this nuthouse.


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