Monday morning fiasco, plus homemade bone broth soup

This morning did not start out in a good way. First, the kids were tired and grumpy from a busy weekend of tournaments. Then, they were late. I had an appointment to get ready for, so I ignored them but managed to get a bit of yelling in shortly before they finally left to make their bus. SIGH.

The car I wanted to drive was blocked in by the other car, and the windows of both cars were fogged up. Leaving the pooch inside when he would have preferred to go for a walk, I had to return to get an old towel to wipe down the windows. The dog in the meantime thought I came back because I forgot HIM, and was even more upset when I left for the second time without him.

I drove to my appointment and looked for parking in the usual street. There was no parking. Pissed off I drove around the block and realized suddenly that my appointment was at 9:45. It was only 8:35 at that moment.

What to do now? If I go home for another hour the dog will bother me until I walk him and I already assigned that duty to the man working from home today.

Sitting in the car I contemplated what to do next. Then it hit me: there’s a grocery store five minutes up the street that’s open 24 hours. If I get my shopping done now instead of after the appointment I can get home and make soup earlier than originally planned. Full activity schedule for the kids tonight, prepping food earlier is better than later, so what the heck.

When I got to the parking lot I looked for my grocery coin in the van’s cup holder. No coin. Because of course there’s no coin. I walked into the store and dug through my various bags I had with me and still no coin. What I needed was a looney, a $1 coin. All I found was a twoonie, a $2 coin. But lucky for me the lady at the register was kind (they’re not all kind) and we had a good laugh about the elusive coin. She has kids who steal her coin for Starbucks, so I figured at least I’m not the only one who has coins going missing out of cars…

I shopped in a mostly empty store with all the items I required on sale and managed to get back to my appointment with time to spare. It was cold enough outside that the food would not spoil for the 20 minutes of chiropractic session, and a spot opened on a nearby street for me to park on.

When I got home the dog was walked, and relatively calm after I unpacked, and I even got to sit down to type out this post. 🙂

Now, about that soup:

The other day I bought a bag of frozen bones.

These are beef bones with marrow, and some chunks of meat still attached. I got this bag for a mere $16, at an organic non-chain store who gets their meat, bones, eggs and some produce from local farms. The animals are pasture fed, and this is why I buy the bones from that store.

Factory raised animals don’t have healthy bones, being raised in cramped conditions. This is why making chicken broth with those rotisserie chickens doesn’t do the broth justice. Not to mention the lack of flavour…I find using factory chicken for broth making requires way too much seasoning, and it’s lacking in minerals that emit from healthy bones of well-treated farm animals.

Anyway, I took half the beef bones and roasted them in the oven for an hour. Then I added water, some spices, a whole onion, a bit of garlic and some odds and ends of chopped veggies (celery, leek, carrots) and let that boil, then simmer, all day.

The next day I transferred the entire soupy looking thing into the crockpot, added more water, and slow-cooked it another day.

After it cooled, I strained the healthy, mineral rich broth into mason jars and today, I will be making soup.

They say bone soup is one of the most nutritious things you can feed yourself this time of year. Good thing we all like soup in this family!


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