When unplanned holiday shopping happens to me

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I did. By sheer chance and completely unplanned, I bought some early Christmas presents today at some ridiculous big box store.

I had to go there anyway for the much more affordable few items we are running out of (or kids are growing out of) and while I was in there, I couldn’t help myself and be proactive.

I hate shopping in general, and Christmas shopping in particular isn’t my favorite thing. Especially not during the height of Christmas-Shopping-Season. Spare me!

So when the chance presented itself, I took it. Practical and anticipating, fore-planning and list-making, efficient and frugal, that’s me. (Only today I was without a list, and I accidentally walked past items that entered my line of vision as potential, fun and alluring Christmas gifts. Imagine that…at big box store.)

In my bedroom closet I hid a box marked “breakables” into which I dump my presents to be wrapped at a later date. So far no one has caught on. 🙂

Everyone in my family already has something small. Chances are it’ll stay that way. Although his work-related labour disruption is over, we have to play catch-up over the next few weeks, which will be a challenge given that there are tournaments coming up. One of which has an overnight stay in a hotel…it adds up.

We do not own a money tree.

But we are managing fine mostly because I control the budget with an iron fist. And because cutting back a bit is not foreign to me – we were not rich growing up and I was a starving student for years past my student years, I remember well (and managed to survive just fine). So, instead of making chicken soup I make bean soup. Instead of eating out or picking up once every couple of weeks, we eat in almost always. Instead of buying snacks at the rink we bring Halloween candy. And because of the volunteering and coaching some of us do, we can use a Tim Horton’s gift card for the ubiquitous coffees one brings into arenas…even the children are gifted with these cards, and can buy their hot chocolates and donuts courtesy of grandma or some other relative.

We’re fine.

Everyone will have some presents.

No one will starve (particularly because my mom smuggles food into my fridge every time she comes over… 🙂 ).

And before we know it, the new year will be upon us and we can begin to fret over new stuff.

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