It’s that time again….

When my girl child starts bugging her dad about getting guinea pigs, hamsters or can we get a cat pleeeease! I know it’s time to start dog sitting again.


It’s been a while since we’ve had Jerry or Molly here. Jerry is an adolescent Airedale Terrier and a very active part of our family when he’s with us.

Molly is a long term ‘sibling’ of my daughter’s, and about the same age. She’s a Schnoodle and doesn’t shed. She’s smaller than Jerry, and calmer. 🙂  Molly and my girl have an incredibly deep bond.

Lately, our life has been animal free, save for the tame squirrel who hurls herself at our door when she’s ready for a nut. That’s her way of knocking, in case you don’t understand squirrel language.

Then there’s FouFou, the little sparrow who likes to hide in our awning over the porch on particularly wet or windy days. We visit with it too, from inside the shelter of the screen door and wonder why it chose that spot to sit when there’s a perfectly good bird house hanging on the birch tree in front.

The black feral cat that squatted in our garage before we renovated it has found a new home and I rarely see the big Tom anymore…nor do I see any of the groundhogs that destroyed my vegetable garden for two years in a row (but left all the weeds on the lawn). Doesn’t mean they’re not there…

Then we got the call. Dog sitting is imminent!

Molly spent a couple of days with us this past weekend and had a sleepover much to the delight of my 10yo, and we lucked out with fantastic weather to take her for a long walk at the park by the lake. The only drama between the two was that one liked to hop from rock to rock along the lake’s edge whereas the other preferred to walk on the path on her leash. Except…Molly did not enjoy when one of her humans was out of sight…How many times did I drop the leash just to let her go find her little human and reassure herself that we’re all still together and alive?

Too many to count.

Jerry on the other hand is coming later this month, and right around the time of the annual lego advent calendar arrivals. The timing of his arrival has me all up in arms. Where are we going to put their lego calendars that is safe from the dog’s nosy nose, waggy tail or other mayhem that is inevitable? I’m going to have to rearrange some things on the book shelves I think…

The thing with Jerry is that if the house is tidy he doesn’t get into too much trouble. But if anything is left lying around all bets are off (as far as he’s concerned). It’s a great motivator for me to clean up the debris that collects around the house. It’s also a motivator for them to clean up after themselves because they know mom won’t do it and once Jerry has it, whatever it may be, good luck to them. He’s not the type to give anything back and will turn it into a game of chase, encouraged by children yelling and running around the open concept.

But the end of the month isn’t here yet so I have still have time to fret over that. In the meantime, I’ve been asked to walk Molly who is back in her house twice this week, which I will incorporate into my daily dose of exercise. May as well enjoy the dry weather while it’s still here…before winter really sets in.

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