Lost stuff

Ever wonder how much time we waste looking for lost or misplaced stuff? I bet it’s a lot of time. And I’m just talking about my own stuff, not even the rest of the family…

Just today, like every day, I misplaced my reading glasses countless times.

I looked for my beanbag at least three times so I could put it in the microwave, heat it up, and wrap it around my stiff neck. Why don’t I put it in the same location every time I’m done with it? Looking for it while my neck is sore is very unpleasant.

My large paper notebook with the colourful dots on it has been missing since before Halloween. (Found it today while looking for something else, natch.) I am now officially behind in everything but no longer have the excuse to not tackle my lists that date back weeks.

And don’t get me started on how many times I am searching for a hair band, sunglasses, pens for all the endless forms the kids bring home, or that elusive coin for the grocery cart.

Speaking of grocery carts: some stores have newer ones now, less banged up and with properly turning wheels. They no longer take a quarter. Now they want a loonie (a $1 coin). I used to keep one of each in the cup holder of the van, since that’s the car I drive most, but for whatever reason, someone took them out and didn’t put them back.  That day, I stood in front of the doors next to a poppy-selling senior citizen, a vet from years past, trying not to look exasperated. I hoped I would have an extra coin for him but all I could find in my wallet was enough dimes and nickels to make a buck. The buck I needed for the cart.

Finally I saw a lady who was returning her cart and I asked her if she would mind giving it to me, I would pay her back for the dollar with dimes.

She didn’t mind, but she gave me a card with a religious message that she then expected me to read right in front of her.

So I read the little card with its doom and gloom message about the imminent apocalypse, thanked her, and continued on my way. Later, when I returned my cart to the area outside the store, I retrieved the loonie and gave it to the vet who in turn gave me the poppy I could pin to my coat.

Which means I still don’t have a loonie and a quarter in the van for future grocery trips.


As I sit here looking around, I’m feeling a slow panic rise up in me. Christmas is coming, and the kids love decorating. I can hold them off till about the first week of December but after that…They infect me with their enthusiasm. But before that can happen I need to get crap out of here, and that includes flyers, papers, toys, Halloween candy and a million other things.

How stuff accumulates in a household is…astonishing.

While tiding up, I will keep a running list of items I am looking for and haven’t found yet. Let’s hope if I spend enough time cleaning, I will accidentally come across all my lost stuff.

2 thoughts on “Lost stuff

  1. SNORT – the lady who gave you the religious card! So many interesting angles to that story :).

    Nothing irritates me more than something that is lost or misplaced. I get IRATE when the kids or even myself can’t find the thing I want. Right now I can’t find this special pair of dance shoes I want to take to the guides meeting tomorrow and it is EATING away at me. Somewhere in this house are the shoes! I WILL FIND YOU.


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