Rink snack baggies

We are drowning in Halloween candy. It’s driving me bananas!

I’ve been meaning to ration it just so the kids don’t gorge on it all day (and they’ve been pretty good at controlling themselves, I must say) but it’s like we haven’t even made a dent.

Then I had an idea.

We have three tournaments coming up, one of them an out of town (sleeping in a hotel). At tournaments, even local ones, the rink rats especially always want money for junk. It’s constant! Even if we parents say no repeatedly, the kids find ingenious ways of obtaining money somehow for their beloved junk. Let me enumerate for you how some of this goes:

“Look, our dads are talking, they seem really serious. Let’s go bug them for a coin for the gum ball machine.”

“Your grandpa just showed up, why don’t you go ask HIM to give you five bucks for fries?”

“Just keep asking mommy, she’ll eventually break down and hand over some cash.

The last one works on some moms, but not on me. This is by no means a judgement, I completely get it when you just want the incessant questions to stop and the child to go away.


But, something happens to kids at the rink. They’re always hungry.

Don’t even think of packing a lunch. They eat packed lunches at school all week. They want real rink food, the type that comes from behind the snack bar counter.

These are the thoughts that popped into my head today while surveying the candy damage still sitting in various containers around the living room.

So I made these:

I will strategically place this basket somewhere near the door we depart out of with hockey or ringette gear and hopefully remember to grab a bag or two to take with me.

At the very least, it’ll get the candy out of the house.


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