So far, instead of writing, I 

  • Ate some oatmeal buns dough
  • Ate 2 packs of Halloween peanut M&Ms I took out of the kids’ stash
  • Ate leftover rice casserole 
  • Stared at the laundry basket on the ottoman in front of the tv
  • Ignored the 6 other laundry baskets downstairs
  • Walked past the 4 bins and 2 bags parked by the still closed ceiling door leading to the attic where the bins should go
  • Read some blogs and commented or liked
  • Watched 2 cooking shows
  • Searched for #CollegeStrike news
  • Watched a union president speak at a rally to a reporter
  • Smashed the dough of my oatmeal buns on the counter and beat the crap out of it
  • Hurt my shoulder in doing that
  • Placed the buns in the oven for a second rise
  • Took some Ibuprofen
  • Heated up the beanbag in the microwave and placed it on my neck
  • Read Twitter
  • Wrote this post.


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