#NaBloPoMo – Division of labour

I wrote this post to publish on Sunday, November 5, as part of my commitment to publish a post every day in the month of November. My app wasn’t working properly while out of the house all day, so I am posting the Sunday post on Monday.


There are things that preoccupy me that don’t seem to even register on the other household members.

Things like clothing. Their clothing.

Usually around the change of seasons I start to fret:

  • Do they have enough warm clothes to wear?
  • Does the stuff still fit?
  • Where did I put last year’s bag/bin with stuff that may still fit?

It seems like such a thing every year. We live in a country with four distinct, different seasons and, for that reason, seem to need four distinct types of clothing.

And I’m not even thinking shoes, or outer-ware yet. Just regular every day wardrobe.


I wonder sometimes, who takes care of this stuff in other families? Is it the mom? Or the kid him or herself? Perhaps in some families, it’s the dad, too.

Not in this family, though. In this family I do the clothes, and he does the the cars. Car maintenance is thing. He simply knows more about them than I do and seems fine with dealing with all of the constant maintenance issues.

I’m ok with that.

But the clothing…especially the growing kids clothing, this could very well be the end of me. Every three-to-four months I gotta go do a deep clean in their closets.

I neither look forward to doing it, nor do I enjoy actually doing it.

To have the kid(s) participate just prolongs the agony (for me) since they refuse to part with pretty much anything. This is the main reason why my then 9yo son was still wearing size 6x underwear, and the girlchild toddler-sized dresses at age 6.


Last night however I couldn’t wait any longer. I went into their rooms, armed with recycling bags and empty baskets, and started a purge.

I didn’t even intend on doing both kids, it just kind of evolved that way. Nevertheless, by 9 pm, there were two huge bags of outgrown clothes sitting on the front porch for depositing into the van. Along with those bags there were several boxes of books no one ever looks at, and quite a few toys.

Out they went.

In the meantime, I feel much better, lighter even. They both have enough clothing to wear for the coming months, they won’t freeze to death, and the only thing required to replenish or purchase in the near future is underwear and pjs. And maybe socks. There were way too many single, or mismatched socks that looked way too small to me.

Next up: his side of the closet.





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