A new week and my arm is still sore

For weeks now, I’ve suffered from a pinched nerve in my neck.

At first, I thought I had injured my arm. It was my chiropractor who set me right though. He said he can determine if it’s my arm that’s the problem by doing two simple things:

-stick my arm up into the air and place my hand on top of my head


-stick my arm up into the air stretched out (as if to touch the ceiling)

If neither of these activities hurt my arm, then it’s not my arm, apparently. It’s a nerve in my neck.

Well I don’t even care what the diagnosis is, I just want the pain to stop. Every single movement I make hurts my arm, and since I’m right handed, almost all my main activity is with my right arm.

Last Monday evening, while driving a kid to an activity, I was in excruciating pain to the point where I couldn’t use my right arm to turn the ignition in the van. Driving was not fun, but of course I gritted my teeth and got myself and my boy home in one piece.

I had him text my mom and ask her if she thinks hot compresses with Castor Oil might work. She said to try it and I did, and it helped. A lot.

Mentioning this to my chiropractor, he agreed that if it feels good to do it, to keep doing it. He’s adjusting his session on my right side slightly and tells me, pinched nerves are tricky to ‘un-pinch’. We’re working on it, but I have to say, I’m sick to death of feeling semi-incapacitated most of the time.

As I type this, I have a warm scarf wrapped around my neck, and a bean bag on top. The bean bag got heated up in the microwave and feels good, not just because of the warmth, but also from the weight around that part of my neck.

That’s all I have for today’s #NaBloPoMo post. 🙂


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