#AmWritingInNovemberDay3: the wrong way to text

When I have multiple texts going on my phone, the display shows the name of the person texting on the left, and the first line of the actual text on the right.

To see the whole text, I need to click it and open it up.

I think that’s pretty standard for most phones.

So imagine how I felt when my partner texted me a few days ago and I saw this:

Him: had a car accident today

My heart sank. My first thought was: Is he ok? He must be if he’s texting me…

My next thought was: well the car is 14 years old, guess we won’t get anything for it if it’s totaled…

Slowly panic set it. We have several games this weekend for both kids, two out of town, and now only one car…

I open the text to respond to him. Except, the text from him continues:

Him: at the picket line. Both cars had to be towed. No one was hurt.


It’s all in the wording, isn’t it. His first word was ‘had’ which to me implied “I had”…

I was not impressed. I texted back this:

Me: next time, use something like “there was an accident” or “I witnessed an accident” instead of ‘had’. You almost gave me a heart attack.




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