#AmWritingInNovemberDay1: new Halloween milestones

Last night was Halloween.

We live in a high density neighbourhood in the west end of the city and typically have a minimum of 100 kids, sometimes as many as 200.  It’s a hopping area, and many houses go way out and decorate with all the hoopla that is typically involved: body parts, guts and gore, flashing lights, some houses even have creepy noises!

Needless to say the kids had a great time. This year, they both wanted red blood splattered faces, so we got busy with make-up before the grandparents showed up to, um…assist. 🙂

Last night was also a milestone.

Up until last year, both kids went trick or treating together with grandma. This year however, the kids made plans apart from each other.

The 12yo wanted to go to his buddy’s house a few streets over, and meet up with four or five others. They went with strict instructions of their allowed perimeters, and to text once in a while to let us know what they’re up to. Throughout the night I got texts from my son:

“Got to A’s house, about to leave”

“I’m alive”

“Can I eat a bag of chips”


The girl child…oy. She had extensive plans with a gaggle of girls and arranged for them to meet at our house at 6:30 pm.  I didn’t know half of this and got texts from moms throughout the weekend asking what the plan is.

She is a born leader, my chicklet!

After some confusion who was coming and when, half of them left with dad and grandma following behind, each carrying extra bags. I specifically said to both kids they are allowed to bring home what they can carry, but if there is so much candy they will need extra bags and/or people to help carry, then no. They will have to stop when their one bag is full.


Some of the other girls who arrived late were sent down the street to meet up with my daughter and her friends, and thanks to mobile phones and good natured parents they all managed to find each other.

Bottom line? Halloween was a success, and we are now drowning in candy.

The best candy that came into the house, according to the adults who live here?

Not a candy at all, but a miniature toothpaste.



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