Writing without direction (but posting on a blog)

It seems I’m neglecting my blog. I am, sort of, but not because I want to.

It appears I have LESS time than I did before. And the only thing that’s changed from before is that my partner’s work force is on strike.

Theoretically I should be writing MORE with him out of the house five days per week (to walk the pickets) instead of only two or three (teaching days).


It hasn’t worked out that way. I’m up to my eyeballs in everything and yet, nothing seems to get done.

But then I lost my reading glasses. The way the situation resolved itself was kind of weird, not particularly interesting or out of this world, but still different enough from the day-to-day same old, same old, so I thought:

Blog Fodder!

I posted it on my other blog. Click on the link below and enjoy:

A day in the life: lost items, phone-calls and other irritations.


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