Mom, I forgot to mention…

Every single one of us has experienced the dreaded last-minute mention of some pertinent document or project or homework assignment at the most inopportune time.

Allow me to state this one important fact: if you allow them to disrupt you, they will never learn.

Let me also say: I fail miserably at this.

I have many reasons and explanations and excuses why this still continues to come up in our household.

Take this morning:

She gets up at her usual time just before 7 am and immediately starts digging in her schoolbag.

Note: she had a LOT of homework last night and had all her school stuff out of her bag then. (Or so I thought.)

The paper she handed to me said she had running club at 7:45 am today.

Today. As in we have to leave in less than 30 minutes.

Reason this is upsetting is because the schedule on our wall says running is on Mondays and Thursdays, not Wednesdays (today).

But, we’re coming off the Thanksgiving long weekend (this past Monday was a holiday in Canada) so they changed the schedule around, and handed out a revision to the kids to give to their parents.

My kid ‘forgot’ to give me the updated schedule. (I hate that word).

Anyway, I made her a quick second breakfast (while stomping around the kitchen) to eat after running and before class, and packed her lunch, and yelled some instructions at her to do x and y now instead of later, and YES YOU STILL HAVE TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH, before I got to quickly change into some clothes and sip my now lukewarm coffee.

I hate that too. If I know ahead of time that she has to leave early I get up extra early so I can drink my HOT coffee in peace before anyone else gets up.

Then I drove her.

I could have not driven her, but she would have missed her running club and yes, it bothers me. (I’d rather she’s out of my hair and running than dillydallying around here….)

So I enable her. I get it. It’s mostly my own fault.


The trick is to let it all fall down once, maybe twice, and let THEM handle the stress of not being able to participate in something.

But I’m not wired this way.

And she’s not the only one. The other kid had some pertinent medical form I had to sign in order to get some free vaccinations at school. He gave it me the day prior to when it was due.

I am not against vaccinations, but these ones were optional and I wanted to review/ask questions/research their particulars before signing the form. Are there side effects? Who administers the vaccine, and on what day? My kid is in competitive hockey, I want to know details about things that affect his body…

He had the form in his bag for a week. He’s in grade 7.

I was not impressed.

So tonight we go back to reading agendas, and I will pepper them with my usual, annoying, incessant questions.

Or maybe next time, I will simply go back to bed with my hot, not lukewarm, coffee and say “you’re on your own”.

(As if.)

Let the eye-rolling begin. 🙄



3 thoughts on “Mom, I forgot to mention…

    1. You know what the trouble is? Kids, even young tweens, are creatures of habit (or at least most kids I know are) which is sometimes a blessing in disguise. We tend to get into a pretty habitual routine and then, a long weekend comes along, someone gets sick, some other thing interrupts the routine and bang – kids forget what the established habit is and moms (me!) assume (incorrectly) that they are old enough (not) to go back to the routine.

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