Activity nights

Does your household look like this at 9 o’clock at night, on a weekday?

Kids doing homework after hockey.

The school year has just begun but so has activity season. My kids are both in organized sports, and it’s transition season, meaning the summer sports are coming to an end, try-out season is on, and the pre-season for the winter sports is in full force.

And, as these things go, homework is starting to trickle in as well.

Although my kids are pretty good at getting their work done most of the time in a timely fashion, this picture is likely one that many parents of kids in activities identify with:

Homework which doesn’t get done prior to activity must be finished upon their return from activity.

Last night we had hockey. Tonight, one kid has hockey again, and the other baseball. Tonight’s picture will look similar to this one. (Don’t worry, I won’t snap another one…we all get it!) 🙂

We had an hour’s drive to the rink yesterday, but only a half hour drive home (because by 8:30 pm rush hour traffic is theoretically over). I had the foresight to pack a snack for the hockey kid, so he could focus on homework instead of eating when we got home.

Both kids said they had to finish up something quick. Both did it with minimal supervision from us. (I say this but it’s not really true, one kid always needs or wants extra support…but we’re working on it.)

It’s not ideal, this homework thing at night, and I did have a chat with the older kid to perhaps plan his lunch hour a little bit better on the days he knows he has little time at home due to hockey. He also picked up a part-time job delivering papers, this will eat into homework time.

It’s going to take a lot of patience to keep everything organized around here. Lots of #coffee, #wine and also patience.

And a bit more patience too.

Here we go again!

6 thoughts on “Activity nights

      1. Seriously. It’s a little trial and error, but they get it. I’ll give you my kids tips that she tells her cousins. Keep a planner and a to do list. Don’t procrastinate. Break down large projects into smaller segments. When she got into middle school/activities she would put her electronic devices on do not disturb for two hours. When she’s really busy she takes Facebook insta and snap off her phone completely

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      2. The planner thing is hit and miss. I don’t understand the resistance to put their activities in their school planner. Gives them the whole picture right there? But it is what it is. Like you say, they’ll figure it out. Only one kid is in middle school so far so we still have a while with the electronic distractions, but that’s a great idea (for me, too! lol).

        Will keep encouraging them to use their planners and make lists. Just like mom. 🙂

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