Pushing a button

The saga continues with me and my appliances.

Last night, I went to bed at 7 pm. I did everything I usually do, left a couple of instructions for the rest of the fam, and announced that I’m getting sick, so I’m going to bed early.

They were cleaning up the dining room table and loading the washer, so I left them to it.

This morning, I opened the dishwasher to start unloading it and noticed it was never started last night. All the food debris is caked on and I’m irritated that it now has to run during the day, during the high-electricity time of day. Also, that none of the breakfast dished would be put out of sight, but left on the counter for the next couple of hours.

“You just had to press the button”, I said to the family. They forgot.


I took a look to see if I could still fit a couple more pieces in, when I noticed the spout thingy that swings from the top of the dishwasher was not in place. It had come loose somehow (probably last night when they loaded the washer).

The washer is now full of dirty dishes, and a small piece (like a screw or something) is not with the larger piece that fell off, so now I get to unload the dirty dishes into the sink and do them by hand. (Notice how I’m writing about this but not actually doing the work? #MomProblems #AmWriting)

I don’t feel like it.

This whole thing reminded me of my 12yo, who lately has been getting a few extra chores added into his hockey-free days. While still in the pre-season, he’s hockey-free for three days, so I figured I can show him how to do the laundry. The washing part, not the putting away the clean part.

[I’ll just pause here for effect. The boy is a tween, almost 13…:) ]

One Friday recently, I took him to the laundry room, pointed to the one basket, and said:

“This is already sorted, I usually wash this type of laundry in hot.”

I showed him how to deal with the washer buttons, how (and how much) detergent to add, and then encouraged him to try.

He did it. He emptied the basket into the washing machine, closed the door, poured the liquid and pushed the button. Then he left.

Hours later, I asked him to empty the dishwasher, and he said:

“Why do I have to do all the work around here? Get her to do it!” pointing at his sister.

I asked him: “What work did you do today?”

He said: “I did all the laundry!”


He pushed a button and he thinks he did all the laundry. 🙄

In the meantime, I’m sitting here ignoring the dishes and the broken dishwasher, am still in pjs, on the second cup of coffee, but feeling much better than I did yesterday. Which is a good thing because pre-season hockey starts tonight with a tournament, and baseball tryouts are also this week, and the girl child has baseball games scheduled on Thursday and Saturday, and a ringette tryout on Saturday.

Which reminds me, gotta get up in the attic to find my lava seat. If I’m going to be sitting in rinks this week, I may as well do it in comfort.





3 thoughts on “Pushing a button

  1. Oh good. They all say that. If my daughter is asked to bring a dish down from her room and, God forbid, later asked to hang a wet towel, she screams “WHY DO I HAVE TO DO SO MUCH WORK ALL THE TIME!”…and she’s serious. 😣

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