Youth sports and scheduling

Well, it appears I’m still an amateur….it’s September, my kids’ activities schedule is out of control, and I go around thinking I’m On The Ball, On Top Of It, and In Control.


Tonight’s dinner table conversation went something like this:

Me: You and she have a practice tomorrow?

Him: Yes, it’s on teamsnap.

Me: ???

Him: What? I put it in teamsnap…

Me: …

Look. I’m no amateur to #YouthSports, but this is getting ridiculous. IĀ  pride myself in keeping the schedule up to date, and posted on the wall, to teach those kids how to contribute in a meaningful way to help get the show on the road on busy school nights. Right?

He’s coaching her baseball team. He keeps the teamsnap app updated.

How did I miss it? I never miss stuff like this…

I put it all on one master calendar. It works for us. Everything on ONE PAGE.

Each family member has a colour. Each activity is posted on the google calendar. There is only one calendar, and we all have the same access to it (well, 3 of us electronically, and all of us on the wall. I print off a week at a time for the poor neglected phone-less family member so she doesn’t feel left out…) šŸ™„

electronic and posted to wall calendar

Still, I seem to be missing stuff. What is up with that?

It’s only been a week of back to school. Am I already losing it?



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