The 2 of me, explained

I have two personas, so to speak. The obvious one is me, the:

  • writer/blogger of words etc
  • SAHM who occasionally works from home
  • Hockey Mom who schlepps kids to the rink
  • Baseball Mom who schlepps kids to the diamond
  • Sports Mom who schlepps…(you get my drift)
  • Wearer of all other parenting hats

But then, recently, I decided it was time to ‘come out of the closet’ and acknowledge the other me, the one who can’t hear well.

Hello, my name is Claudette and I have deteriorating hearing loss.

(Ouch, this is kinda painful.)

But here’s the thing: I can’t help my hearing loss, but I can help my frustration with it. For example, by blogging I am able to think things through in a way that helps me come to terms, and, possibly educate some readers in the process.

It was a few years ago when I started the other [hearing loss] blog, because of an ear infection that left me completely deaf (as opposed to my usual *can hear just enough to get by*). I wrote a few posts, then de-activated the blog when my hearing returned to its former state.

Anyway, over the last half year or so I reactivated the blog, and I started to reach out to people. Seems my other blog, the one about ~hearing less in a noisy world~ is touching people who not only suffer from hearing loss, but suffer from other ailments or conditions.

It’s amazing how many people share similarities when you look behind the outer shell. Or experience things like I do, in the form of side-effects (like anxiety, shame, and all of that ugly stuff).

For those of you who follow me on the blog Sorry Can’t Hear You, thank you so much for reading, liking, commenting. Words cannot express how much your support means to me. ❤

For those of you who would like to have a peek at that blog, please do! I invite you to share your own experiences, even if they don’t include hearing loss. A lot of people feel isolation, or confusion, for reasons that are unique to their life and circumstance. Sharing, reading, and supporting each other is bound to have a positive effect.

Thank you for reading so far.


Claudette aka Writer-of-Words-etc-me and Sorry-Can’t-hear-you-me

PS as these things go, I also have two twitter handles:




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