Break-ins and wildlife bandits all part of city life

I just can’t catch a break these days. Seriously, what’s next?

First, a couple of weeks ago, my neighbour’s car was broken into. This is a reminder that we must remember to lock everything: cars, doors, garages. Sucks, but there it is. Doesn’t matter where you live, there’s always someone looking to steal something to support whatever habit it is they’re trying to support.

Then, I got all riled up along with the rest of the country about this guy who did the same thing I did to train his kids to ride the public transit to school. Instead of supporting parents doing the best they can, there’s gotta be some snitch who thinks reporting someone to some authorities is the best way to go, regardless of their ignorance to a unique circumstance.

Let us parent our kids, we know them better than you do, stranger.

And today? Today I come home with Molly, the dog we sit semi-regularly, and see this:

Molly wasn’t on high alert once we entered the house, but she was sniffing pretty hard all around the kitchen, so I assumed the bandit, probably a squirrel, had left already.

Thanks for cleaning up after yourself, squirrel!

Or maybe I should say thanks for not pooping on my counter.

It left a hole in the screen above the kitchen sink. NOT IMPRESSED.

So now besides leaving the entire house locked tight all the time, I also have to leave all my windows closed? I’m allergic to stuffy air (not really, but it feels like it) and especially during this prefect fall weather I enjoy leaving the windows wide open.

There are narrow window sills along all the windows, so theoretically those innovative city squirrels could break into the house at any given time.

Good thing Molly does not enjoy the company of squirrels. And Jerry, the other dog who comes here semi-regularly, he’ll have to do his job and protect this house from wildlife, too.

When they’re not here though? Will I have to forever barricade every window in this house every time I leave?

#Distractions #CityLifeWithWildlife



2 thoughts on “Break-ins and wildlife bandits all part of city life

  1. My mom had a break in at her house – actual people, not squirrels – several years ago, so that put an end to everyone in the family leaving windows open when we go out. I agree with you – I hate having to seal the house up like a tomb every time we are heading out – but ugh, the idea of any creature or person in my house when I’m not there is enough to drive me to it. Hope you found a happy compromise!


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