Last day of summer

I’m irritated. You know what I mean, right? It’s a mixed blessing that summer has ended, school is about to start, and the old familiar routine is back.

But it feels like we were kind of cheated out of summer this year. We had some fun, but the weather wasn’t fun most of the summer, and I always seem to yearn for the routine to come back and save me until I start looking at the calendar….

Hope the cars will hold it together for another hockey season.

I have big plans for myself this fall. So much so that I hope to pick your brains a bit, see if I can stay motivated with your help (and I’ll do the same for you).

But first, the mess in the kitchen needs cleaning, I burnt my hand pre-cooking some stuff for a busy activity week coming up, and the kids are behind me watching MY tv, which I would, if I could, have channeled to a cooking show, or maybe GH or some other soap. Something to entertain me while I clean up my mess. Something stupid and brainless and easy to help me navigate my organizing here…


I think I’m ready for the new school year…are you?



One thought on “Last day of summer

  1. I also feel cheated out of a real summer this year. It felt short, and cold, and I don’t know, somehow it lacked the glorious glow of summers past. I’m happy to be back into the routine – this morning I’m dancing around the empty house with a cup of tea and WRITING, it’s wonderful :).


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