Beware the junk drawer

As usual, today began with me looking for something.

Typically I start with the junk drawer.

Naturally, I couldn’t find it. I have long forgotten what it is, but it no longer matters. Because once I realize I’m not going to find the elusive it, I stopped looking.

Five minutes later, my junk drawer looked like this:

A little wipe down and it’ll look like the brand new drawer I had three years ago when we renovated the kitchen.

I love the look of empty things. So much possibility to organize and clean and put in order!

Except, my island counter above the junk drawer now looks like this:

In German there’s an expression for this: “Es hat mich gepackt”. Basically what it means is “stay outa momma’s way because I am in a ‘throw it all out’ mood”.

Tonight will be wine-time.


11 thoughts on “Beware the junk drawer

  1. When I built my house 14 years ago, I purposely planned two junk drawers in my kitchen. I knew that I would need them. I like the idea of baskets to help organize the drawer. I will need to add that in.

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  2. This post cracked me up because it doesn’t seem possible that all that stuff was in a single drawer! Now I’m giving my own junk drawer the stink eye. Fun fact: my husband hates referring to it as the “junk” drawer, so in our house it’s called the “everything” drawer. 🙂


  3. Really? You keep them? I live with ‘horders’ so I take that stuff and toss it when they’re not home. 🙂 The difference is my partner lived in one house all of his life until we bought this one and raised the family in, so he’s not familiar with what a burden accumulated stuff can be. I on the other hand moved 19 times in my life, including from Switzerland to Canada twice in childhood. So….no more keeping defunct, useless stuff, just in case I gotta move again. (Knock on wood that doesn’t have to happen)…:P


    1. I just keep the keys specifically, hah. I have a distinct fear of hoarding behaviors/growing hoarders so I usually get rid of everything not nailed down! I moved a lot growing up so I have the same mindset. When I do move I don’t like to move junk so throughout the year I do the onceover every few months. Goodwill loves me (and the trash men!). My biggest problem is the toys right now and all the priceless ‘treasures’. When she starts school I’m going to sell and donate a lot of it. I think she will be too busy in 1st grade to notice!

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  4. Lol! I have two next to each other and this is how I do it too. The bad things in mine are 40 allen wrenches, keys to god knows what, and leftover pieces from furniture and shelving. And TAPES! All kinds.

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      1. When I moved last fall I had a ziploc of like forty keys!? It’s a throwback to the old days when you even needed 2 keys for your car/trunk 😂 and a key for deadbolt and lock on your house! Everything is all but keyless now but i can’t bring myself to pitch them, lol!

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