Anticipating happy hour…

It’s taken a few weeks and a few trips* out of town to finally feel like summer-vacation-mode is in full swing.

But today, I feel edgy, irritated and annoyed. I’m finding myself craving solitude which is practically impossible in this tiny bungalow, during summer vacation and with everyone home. Constantly.

I could pack my laptop and head to the library to work and write. But then I would miss my snacks and what if I have to pee? Do I pack up the laptop, risk losing my spot, all because my bladder can’t handle to wait?

Would rather have an empty house, healthy snacks handy and my own bathroom.

And then, this morning just after I finished my first cup of coffee, hockey schedules came in. First regular season practice starts September 10.


Perhaps it’s time to send the family camping again. I did kind of like that alone time for a few days…

*The trips were awesome! I may find it in me to blog about those at some point…


We’re dog-sitting again for a few days. We also have a rototiller we borrowed from the dog’s owners and I can’t wait to get my weedy lawn torn up. Except, it’s too hot now. If it rains, it’s also not a good time to do that kind of work.

My plan in my head will never actualize because I’m a morning person and they are not and this type of laborious work needs to be done before the noon hour sun heats up the land. Also, I don’t think I can manipulate that tool, will probably direct the man to deal with it.

But first, we have to prep the area to move the temporary tent shelter to…and that requires other laborious work which theoretically the kids could handle. Like, place landscape fabric down, pour gravel, rake it straight and level…empty bins from the current location of the temporary shelter, sort through crap stored in bins, etc.


I amuse myself here. This won’t happen unless I’m the director, for which I need patience, a calm demeanor, mental sanity and patience.

Also, patience.

I don’t have a lot of patience at the moment…

Maybe I’ll wait till the weekend with that.

Perhaps to get rid of my bad mood I could take the pooch for a walk down to the lake and pebble beach.


I took the dog for a walk. He rolled in something. The lake was smelly and full of algea which covered the beach so we didn’t stop there, and besides the dog already smells of whatever he rolled in, so we’re home again in air conditioning.

So much for that.


All this complaining doesn’t mean I’m ready for back to school-work-hockey-season, despite what the flyers and advertiser tell you. Certainly not. I kind of like living off the clock. Unless someone has baseball I eat when I’m hungry, not when the clock dictates.

I’m always hungry. Ha. 🙂

This is kind of blissful. The kids go to bed who knows when, which doesn’t bother me at all, as by the time 9 o’clock  hits I’m already in my bedroom, with a book or the tv on some stupid comedy show. I have no interest in the family’s activities at that time of night.

No one seems to miss me, either. We spend plenty of time together during the day. All day long… 🙂

But the slow emergence of the missing routine is starting to tug at me. Not ready for routine just yet, but at the same time…


In the meantime: it’s 5 o’clock right here in my neck of the woods.







One thought on “Anticipating happy hour…

  1. I’m always hungry too. But instead of comedies, I watch ridiculous melodramas on Netflix which make anything and everything in my life so much better because at least my kiddos are actually mine and not switched at birth! Ha


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