On writing and routine during summer vacation

I have been writing like a maniac and entering contests, submitting pieces to various venues and practicing my craft.

Why did I wait so long? Once in the habit, it’s really not that difficult.

It helps, however, when the family is out.

Sitting here in utter and complete silence I focus on my breathing. Slowly the panic is rising up inside of me. As of Thursday evening, the kids are out of school and will be here, all the time.

Here. In MY spot.

Not that I’m not looking forward to vacation. We’re all due, ready to chuck routine out the window.

No one wants to be institutionalized over the summer so no one is in camp. This may  not last long however, since especially my youngest has all these social needs that I’m so unfamiliar with. I have an art camp bookmarked to put her in, later in the summer, maybe, if she drives me crazy.

So what’s the plan for my writing habit? One thing I did was research library hours. There’s a few local ones that have quiet study areas, which look kind of interesting to me. Perhaps, while they’re in swim lessons, I could sit in the nearby library and maybe their dad can pick them up after? Even if it’s just for a couple of days a week.

What I do know is that I don’t want to completely lose my new habit. But sticking to two or three days a week will probably be enough.

I too need a break from routine all the time. Because if you know me, you know that hockey season begins in August, and that’s only a month and a half away…


One thought on “On writing and routine during summer vacation

  1. First of all: Yay for contests!! I spent last year writing pieces for contests and I loved it, and now that I’ve moved on to bigger projects I still miss it. It was so satisfying to write a short piece that came out just right (or maybe not, but who cares) and then to send it somewhere where someone was actually going to read it. Thrilling!

    I hope you do manage to keep going over the summer, but I find it really tough. Just having the kids in the house is too much of a distraction, and since I try hard not to park them in front of a screen for the whole summer (well…not too hard), we go on day trips a few times a week. It makes it hard to keep focused.

    This summer I’m really hoping to complete the set of short stories I started just over a year ago (!!!) and have them done by September. I’m going to have to find some quiet, private places – or else just get better at writing when other people are in the house. If you find some good tips, please share!

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