Traffic and hockey and parenting, oh my

Yesterday, I got lost on the way to the rink.

Yes. Me, seasoned, experienced hockey mom. Lost.

In my defense, it wasn’t my fault.

First of all, the rink isn’t one we’ve used before. Although once I did get there, it looked vaguely familiar. We may have been to it for a try-out some moons ago, perhaps. But certainly it was not a rink we’ve used much in the past.

Secondly, the stupid thing was in Vaughan. We live near the shores of Lake Ontario, which is not Vaughan. Vaughan is north of Toronto and because of gridlock and construction, it takes forever to get there.

Of course yesterday there were numerous accidents as well. Because it was a nice, dry day. Those are the days that accidents happen more often, for some reason. The resulting gridlock was annoying.

Also, the amount of trucks on the road, big, huge transport trucks, that didn’t help matters. For one thing, I couldn’t see the upcoming signs of the clogged up highways. Do I merge left, or right? Stay in the middle? How many lanes will exit up ahead?

Then there was the sun. It was blinding. Also, it was reflecting off my itty-bitty GPS which is not on a swivel holder, so I couldn’t really see it, either.

Not helpful.

The kid was plugged into his music and oblivious to my stress. SIGH. If he was just a little bit heavier, he could sit up front with me and be my navigator. But, the airbag light comes on indicating he would not be protected in the event of an accident, which means, he’s not heavy enough (even though he’s tall enough). SIGH AGAIN.

So I’m driving along and I see a street exit I know is past my exit. I tell my kid to text his dad who was supposed to meet us at the rink from work to advise him we’re lost and late.

He didn’t hear me.

I yelled at my poor kid to call and he said he didn’t bring his phone.


Anyway, I know my way around this friggen town, at least enough so that I can find my way back to some major highway, and we did eventually get to the rink with enough time to spare, and it was just for a practice, so the end of the world didn’t happen after all.

Still, I don’t need this kind of stress after a crawling drive in heavy traffic that should have taken 35 minutes but took way longer.

Later, while a smiling boy was skating with his buddies, I was told that that rink would be our regular practice rink next season.


This will be so much more fun during winter weather and construction season. With crap flying off the trucks and landing on my windshield. And snow and ice. Oh, and it’ll be dark at 4 o’clock.


The good news is the actual tournament this weekend is not at that rink but at one that’s slightly closer. Also it’s one I’m very familiar with which is helpful. The better news is that this is the final hockey tournament before we break for summer.

The last few days of hockey are this weekend and that’s it. At least till mid August.

We’ve never done spring hockey before. It’s taken its toll. It was necessary, and actually kind of fun once we were IN the rink, but I don’t think anyone will be unhappy to hang up the smelly equipment for a few months.




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