Rain and spilled tea

It’s like a November day outside today. Endless, streaming rain, cool temperatures, and pretty much everything I see irritates me: the dandelions are taking over my yard and it’s too wet to cut the grass, there are puddles in places there shouldn’t be puddles, the dog/house/kids are wet and muddy, and all outdoor sports we were so looking forward to are canceled.

When I woke up this morning and saw the gray, foggy wetness outside, I was looking forward to sitting on my couch, tune into the Weather Network, drink my tea and mentally organize my day. Lots of stuff on my plate, half of which will probably get canceled due to the weather.

But no.

Instead, I had a child wake up and join me prior to 7, an interaction between her and the dog resulting in my tea spilling all over the ottoman, and endless chatter and activity. Had it been dry out I would have sent them both into the backyard. But alas….weather.


I threw together breakfasts and packed lunches, handed the dog a bone stuffed with frozen peanut butter and treats to gnaw on, put up the baby gate to keep him in place, instructed kids to eat, empty the dishwasher and fill it with the dirty stuff and get ready for school, and escaped into the shower.


Then I had enough time to walk the dog who wasn’t thrilled with the rain but did pee, and drove everyone to their respective schools.

That was my morning. Not a great way to start a crappy day, but…I have coffee! And quiet! And an empty house!

Time to relax and get myself into writing mode, right?

We’ll see what the rest of the day brings. I’m hoping for sunshine and dry conditions as I offered to walk a gaggle of girls home from school today, but that’s probably too much to ask for. Maybe I’ll just hope for a barely-there drizzle and no wind, and I’ll take the ttc bus to the school and only walk back (so, one way, instead of both). It’s about 12 blocks one way, which would be great for the dog, but not in the rain.

Next up: continue writing on my contest pieces. And if anyone knows the secret formula to get some dry and warm weather into our area, pass it on, please. We’re barely able to contain the imminent flooding.




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