Another thing to love about tweens

Tweens eagerly embrace independence, right? I know both my kids do, but particularly my older one. He’s 12, had a part-time job this past hockey season, finally owns his own phone, and has been taking public transit to and from school for months now.

He’s also taking me on a pretty fast and furious roller coaster. Not literally, of course…but there you have it. The teenage years are on the threshold…


It’s probably not a secret that some tween kids aren’t crazy about school. Maybe some areΒ  (my 9yo), but there are probably a fair amount that would prefer to wile away their days anywhere but IN school. Like this 12yo boy of mine…if there’s a chance to miss school he’ll gladly take it!

On the weekend I told him about an appointment I made for him at 2 pm on Monday afternoon.

He thought I could pick him up at 1:45, which would get him out of school for about an hour and a half.

But on Sunday, we had car trouble. Not knowing whether I would have a car on Monday or not, I suggested he take the bus to the appointment.

He balked a bit. Why can’t you pick me up, he wanted to know.

I said, look, if you take the bus, you can leave a half hour earlier instead of only 15 minutes.

Sold. πŸ™‚

I planned on taking the bus toward the appointment myself even though I did have access to a car after all. Driving there seems a little futile as there’s no parking nearby and if I have to find a spot on a side street, I may be almost as far away as my home. But, it was raining and cold and miserable. The bus is just up the street. I’m could hop on it and let it deliver me right by the appointment location.

My son would be coming from the other direction and meet me there.

This is a new experience for us! Independence, freedom, and the ability to make decisions all on his own to meet his mom somewhere, that’s exciting, isn’t it? Plus, since I’ve given him my old phone, he’s also able to text me. If he’s delayed, he’ll let me know.

He was a little concerned. What does the place look like? I showed him on google maps and gave him the name and the picture, and he recognized it. Then he wanted to know what to do if I wasn’t there.

Go inside and announce yourself to the secretary, I said. She’ll tell you what to do. Either I’m on my way, or I’m already talking to your doctor.

He said ok. πŸ™‚

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have a tween-aged kid. Teenage years, here we come.

3 thoughts on “Another thing to love about tweens

  1. I think this is so great. Our 14-year-old is such a scardy-cat – we have to push him into things like taking the bus somewhere, and even then he freaks out the whole time. But it’s absolutely necessary – that’s how you raise a functioning adult. I’m so happy to hear your son handled it so well! You’re both doing a great job :).


  2. Yep, tweens are fun! And then they become teens and they are a nightmare and you spend A LOT of time hoping you can get them through those years alive and with a high school diploma. And then they turn twenty and get their own place at college and they become uh, nice. πŸ™‚ Hang in there!


    1. Refusing to step on the roller coaster isn’t going to stop it from racing up and down furiously, is it? lol. But that’s why they invented blogging. So we can support one another. πŸ™‚

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