I’m tired. And just to add to that sentiment, this weekend we lose an hour of sleep. What a ridiculous thing, this time change.

I have time for…precisely nothing.

March break is upon us and I hope for dry weather. Sunshine would be nice too. We have some now, after days of rain, which only meant muddy paws on our furry house-guest Molly.

It’s been a strange winter in our part of Canada this year. For example, every single Tuesday it rained.

Who ever heard of rain in Canada in February? Not snow, not ice. Rain.


Every Tuesday night our hockey boys were slated to practice at a local outdoor rink. Since November, they had three practices at that rink. Every Tuesday, the rink was flooded with water.

Stupid weather.

One thing that has kept me from crawling back in bed after the kids left for school was a huge change in diet. Due to my eczema on my wrists and hands, I’ve started marking down flare-ups related to both diet and my cycle. One prevalent thing I have stopped eating at every meal is wheat. I wondered, after a while, if it was possible to go completely wheat free for a full three weeks to see if this would prevent me from going insane with all the scratching and peeling skin.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to cut wheat from your diet? In Canada in winter, when most fresh food is imported?

But I did it. I cut it completely and at the same time made some other minor adjustments. The change in my stamina was most prominently featured, and welcome at a time when hockey was entering playoff season, ringette was entering away game season, and off-season baseball was starting up.

On top of that was school and homework, field trips, and all the rest of the incidentals that make life with kids so busy. I needed to be awake, lucid, sharp-minded, and on the ball all the time, and cutting wheat out of my diet helped me with that.

This was an eye-opening surprise to me.

Also a somewhat tough challenge to adjust to. Everything has wheat it in…no longer could I make a slice of toast with my eggs, or grab a quick sandwich or couscous salad for lunch. I had to plan meals even more than before.

But I managed. In fact, after just one week, it got a lot easier.

So now, I eat eggs with beans, or eggs with salsa and a bit of cheese, and no bread. If I’m still hungry after that, I grab some gluten free crackers (Mary’s makes a great brand) and dip them in hummus.

Instead of couscous I make quinoa. Top with greens, and protein (leftovers from last night) and my lunch was satisfying enough. (Sort of.)

And the zinc oxide diaper cream made more of a positive difference on my painful, itchy wrists and hands than the cortisone prescription cream did. Minimum three times a day I applied it and it seems to be working.

In the meantime, life continues and I gotta get off this couch.

Tune in tomorrow when I will recount a very exciting anecdote about girls on ringette teams. Betcha wanna try out ringette after reading my post!




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