Expiration dates on documents

Today was one of those days when I realized that there is too much paper in this house.

It all started with the kids report cards that needed filing away. Those papers were neatly stapled together, and placed on an ever growing pile of other important documents that I needed to put into their respective folder or place where we store such things.

Then someone asked me for something specific. I looked in a location where I normally keep such an item, and when it wasn’t there, I started purging. I mean, why search without cleaning up? Most of this stuff was just hoarded…things I was going to look at, read, or deal with later, and then later never came.

I realized again: there is definitely TOO MUCH PAPER in this house.

You know what I’m talking about, right? From kids’ art to doodles, notes with numbers that nobody understands, useless and not so useless receipts, letters and junk mail, flyers and newspapers….it never ends.

While chucking out old magazines I started thinking about our passports. Summer is coming, what if we want to go someplace across the border? What if one of the kids has a tournament Stateside? When do our passports expire?

I started to panic a little.

We are aviation people. We like having current, accessible passports handy at all times.

I went looking for those documents, found some of them, and after some more re-organizing, found the others.

Most of us are good to go. But, it turns out one person is expiring in May. THIS May.


So now I have a note in my handy email calendar with plenty of notice built in when the rest of us expire so that I do not have to go through another heart attack like this.

At the same time, I’m purging like some obsessed mad woman.

I ask myself, do we really need to keep every single piece of art the girl child scribbled?

No. We do not. Although in some cases, I did photograph it before chucking it into the recycling bin. Those items were not really keep-worthy, but not really ‘throw out without a second thought’-ish, either.

Win some, lose some.

So now I go back to my paper piles. Fortunately they are decreasing in size, not increasing.

The purge continues.




2 thoughts on “Expiration dates on documents

  1. I’m starting to have purging fantasies. I can’t stomach the amount of work it would take to actually go through all the pieces of paper in this house, and yet we are drowning. How much do you think it would cost to have someone come to the house and just throw everything out? I bet I wouldn’t miss a single thing.

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    1. It never ends. I have 3 new drawings (love letter type drawings) from Sonja…I posted one on the wall. She smiled. 🙂 (I’ll photograph it when the next one comes and recycle it by replacing the new one with the old one).

      I think the trick is to prevent the stuff from coming INTO the house. Still haven’t found a way to do that though… 🙂


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