#AmWriting and entering contests

Today was the second time ever that I have submitted to a writing contest.

The first time I did it was not a particularly positive experience because I was incredibly nervous, for one thing. Another thing was a nagging feeling that would not leave me that I did not successfully adhere to the topic of the contest. I mean, I thought I did at first, but after the results came in, and I read over the winners (which was not me) I understood better why I had this nagging feeling all along. I didn’t seem to truly understand what was expected of me.

No matter though. I look back at my experience and say: move forward.

Which I did.

For the second contest, the one I submitted to today, I wrote a story in a voice similar to the one I am writing in my memoir/personal narrative. I took an experience and wrote it out, pleased how easily the voice from my book came back to me.

Even if I don’t win anything, or get passed over completely, entering contests is an exercise to keep my writing, to keep me practicing, to keep me focused. In a way, it’s energizing, even though sometimes I am crippled with fear.

But today, I did it. I paid my little fee, I submitted my document, and I even made a couple of notes in my calendar when to expect to see some sort of result.

It’s exciting, and nerve-wracking, but I’m pleased to note that this time around, it was easier.

For all who have supported me in my new endeavor (you know who you are!), thank you.


One thought on “#AmWriting and entering contests

  1. This is fabulous news – I’m so thrilled for you! I also find entering contests to be fun and a great way to get me to actually WRITE SOMETHING. Good for you for getting out there – and good luck!

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