The last push

You know that end of school year feeling, that ‘limping’ you do at the very end? For us here in Canada, last few weeks of school in June are exhausting in a ‘what’s the point of going’ way.

Well a similar kind of exhausting is happening right now, for many of our hockey family peers.

It’s the end of the regular season in minor hockey at the GTHL. Immediately after we play our last regular season game (I believe our 36th game for the year) we will head into playoff season.

The playoff season is when everyone will lose their collective minds.

Playoffs are both exasperating and exhilarating. Playoff hockey is exhausting.

For our boy, if all goes well, we play until the bitter end.

If we don’t reach the bitter end, so to speak, there will be tournaments to enter to keep the kids playing a while longer while the ‘better’ teams continue to play to the bitter end.

What I’m saying is, regular season is almost over, but hockey life isn’t over yet. Not for a long shot. Depending on how far we make it in the playoffs, we may, or may not, play in a six-week tournament.

Or something.

All I know this this: hockey never ends. (la di da….sigh)


In the meantime, the girl child is staring her away games for her U10 ringette team. Because the timing couldn’t be more perfect, right?


We’ve been lucky, most of her games so far on Saturday nights have been local. But, starting next Saturday, that will change. Off we trek to other towns, some pretty far away, most likely in questionable weather, to play at someone else’s rink.

It all gets to be a little much, sometimes.

The good news is that this school week, and next, are short four-day weeks. An extra long weekend is on the horizon, and although we’re gonna spend much of it at various rinks for each kid, there will be some downtime.

And while all of this is happening, you think to yourself, soon, we’ll have a breather.

But no. Because if you have sporty kids, you know that signing them up for the summer stuff is happening now, too.

For us, this means baseball, and soon tennis. In fact, one kid already started with the off-season practices.

This time of year, for the age group of kids we have, is one of the busiest, toughest ones to get through. The primary objective for me is to keep everyone healthy, which has me on high alert for proper nutrition even more than usual.

Note: endless grocery shopping and cooking is just as exhausting as going to the rink. And a lot less fun! I much prefer watching them play than push a grocery cart around the produce aisle…

No one told me about this kind of parenting when I was snuggling babies. Back in the day, I used to pack up the kids into the bike trailer and we hung out at the park snacking on gold fish crackers and juice boxes.

Sometimes (but not always), I reminisce those days.

Not today, though. I don’t have time to daydream about toddlers. I have to cook a meal and shove it in the oven because we have activities tonight. If I don’t, no one will eat. Or, they will eat crap at the venue and then they’ll end up sick on my couch and I won’t have it.

It never ends.

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