The Chimpanzee butt of Valentine’s day

It’s no secret to those who know me that I’m not a fan of commercialized holidays.

So let it be known that I don’t reject the holiday itself, I simply reject the ‘must buy something’ mentality.

For example, a breakfast tv show this morning was interviewing first graders about what to get their mom for Valentine’s Day.

The exact question was this:

What do you want to buy your mom for Valentine’s day?

I’m irked about this. You are asking a kid in grade school who may not even get an allowance yet what to buy a parent?

Way to go preparing your child for the future of buying presents for every holiday in western society.

As far as our family is concerned, I know my mom will bring the kids home-made cards, and some special surprises, usually including sweets or chocolate. She is very creative, and will go all out to bring them something that is unique, colourful, and inspirational. We post the cards on the wall with painters’ tape, and the kids will enjoy their treats for the coming week. I don’t mind because, well, it’s a grandma thing, right? Grandmothers are allowed to spoil their children with special surprises.

And I may or may not bake some cookies. Depends on how long I’m plugged into this computer today…

In the meantime, this is how my 9 year old shows her love to her older brother, on a home-made card decorated with colours, and hearts:

Sisterly love

She signed it with ‘from’, not ‘love’.

Gotta love that kid. 🙂

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