Burnt cookies, anyone?

I get engrossed in reading my twitter feed. Or the google news feed. And then I forget I have cookies in the oven and burn them.

This is not good. Time to take a break. I’m going to continue reading, mind you, but maybe not the news anymore. For a while. Because really, it’s all just so depressing.

(Wonder how long that will last. We tend to be fairly up on staying current.)

But then there’s the burnt cookies. At least it was the second batch. The first batch I got out of the oven on time…


Other things I could do to keep a lid on how much news I consume daily is:

  • Clean more. Seriously, there is always more dirt to be cleaned up. Last week, for example, I took apart the bathroom, including all the drawers, and cleaned every tiny thing in there. Not a speck of dust or dirt was left anywhere.
  • Declutter. Just looking at his desk has me in conniptions (and I only look at his desk because that’s where the printer is and I need the printer…). Last night in passing I started tidying up the play area and first thing this morning I went down there to admire its still pristine appearance. Hope it’ll last through the weekend.
  • Read my books. I got two from the library I’ve been meaning to start…
  • Write more. I have several contests I’m entering on my to do list, and a manuscript for a personal narrative that I’m working on. No excuse not to focus on that, instead. Letting my mind focus on my topics rather than all the political chaos might be just the thing for my fatigued brain.
  • Choose more carefully what to consume online. Like practical type of websites, or inspirational ones that help address the family stuff (feeding them, organizing them, managing sanity…)
  • Walk more.  Can’t watch the news or read the internet if I’m outside walking. In fact, this will come back into habit next week when we’re puppy sitting this dude again. And hopefully, since the rodent claimed spring is on its way, I will keep the walks up even after the pooch goes home again.

On that note, time to get off the internet and pick up a child.


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