Electric shocks

Every day I get an electric shock. Sometimes I get several.

I’m beginning to take it personally. My appliances hate me.

So I might be sitting at the counter, typing into my laptop when the urge for coffee hits me. I get up, walk over and turn on the electric kettle.


A mere touch of the kettle switch and I get a shock.

Why does this happen? Is my laptop making me static-y or something?

If the coffee is already made, and my bodum pot is sitting on the glass-surfaced stove top on the warmer, and I want to pour some after typing something into the laptop, I get another shock. From touching the bodum, stainless steel coffee pot. Which is not plugged into anything emitting electricity. It’s sitting on top of the electrically powered stove, but…the bodum isn’t plugged into the socket.

What gives?


Sometimes, I get shocked at the light switch beside the stove.


It hurts. I don’t enjoy the shocks.

Giving up coffee or not turning lights on or off is not an option.

Perhaps I need to start wearing gloves.


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