The enduring distraction that is chocolate

The desire to eat a piece of chocolate is overwhelming today.

It’s distracting.

To make matters worse, I have chocolate stashed all over the house. There in the Billy Bookcase, behind the glass door, there’s a box of Purdy’s chocolates. How they’re not all gone yet is a testament to my willpower. I got that box for Christmas, but with the new year, I promised myself a reduction, if not downright elimination, of sugar. So the chocolates do come out, but only on weekends, and not every weekend.

Not eating them. Not today. Maybe.
Not eating them. Not today. Maybe.

Today, the purple box is beckoning me.

Screw this, I say to myself, and want to divert my attention elsewhere.

I go to the counter, I make tea. I open the fridge to get some milk and….there’s some chocolate in there.


I close the door and pour my milk and put the chocolate (I mean milk, CRAP) back in the fridge and shut the door and go back to my computer and drink my tea.

The Halloween candy is all gone. But there’s a drawer, underneath the cutlery, that has the kids’ chocolate and candy stash in it…


I’ve been good, mostly. I fell off the sweets wagon a couple of times, but usually only on weekends, when theoretically Im allowed to have some sweets. I blame hormones…It’s their fault that I ate too many pieces, instead of just one, and really savor it.

But I know this: the first day back from five days of sugarless dieting is always the hardest. To get through Monday makes it easier to get through Tuesday and by Friday, I don’t even really crave the sugar the way I did at the beginning of the week.

I know that it works, to persevere, so I will continue to distract myself with words, and tea, and maybe some salted nuts.

The chocolate will have to wait until the weekend. Or not.

Time will tell, if I can battle the craving.



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