Ode to Tuesday

My absolute favorite day of the week is Tuesday.

Perhaps some people don’t have a preference over a specific day of the week. But many do. It seems to me that few people likes Mondays. Some people love Fridays; there’s even a hashtag for that (#tgif). Many people look forward to the weekend days, Saturday and Sunday (and those people probably coincide with the Monday haters).

Well, I like Tuesday.

Our family’s work schedule is a little bit out different from the standard 9-5 work day. We are governed by the kids’ elementary school schedule and his college schedule.

On weekday mornings, the kids depart between 8 and 8:30 am and return sometime after 3 pm. Likewise, their dad teaches college classes during the weekdays, but the days and time depend on which semester we’re in.

This semester, he teaches classes three days a week, and spends the other two days working either from his office at campus, or from home. (It’s winter, the commute is weather dependent, so working form home is more productive most of the time.)

Weekends are, as so many parents know, full of kids’ activities. Even shopping, laundry and meal prep have taken a back-seat ’round here… You want to meet up with us? Come to one of several rinks. Text me and I’ll send you the particulars.

That kind of thing.

Which is why, after a busy weekend, I look forward to the end of Monday. I can only truly savor the arrival of Tuesday at the completion of Monday. Right?

Come on, Monday, bring it on! Let’s get you over with! (I sound like Garfield the cat.)

So Monday arrives and the kids march off to school. After breakfast, my partner descends into this basement office. He resurfaces several times during the day to fortify or have lunch or coffee or tea or a drink or snacks and then he disappears downstairs again.

Sometimes he sits at the table up here on the main level where I spend my day. Plugged into his laptop working away.

I spend my Mondays doing household finances, updating the kids’ endless activity schedules, and making lists, registering for stuff. I do groceries, appointments, and all the rest of it.

Mondays are about ignoring the dishwasher that still hasn’t been unloaded in mid-afternoon and procrastinating about making dinner. There’s an activity on Mondays right in the middle of the dinner hour(s), and I have to answer several questions before deciding what to make that we’ll eat:

  • which kid has an activity?
  • who is driving them, me or him?
  • will they want to eat before, or after the activity?

Monday is spent yearning for Tuesday.

Tuesday finally arrives the next day. I get up and there’s a tiny, almost invisible skip in my step.

It’s Tuesday! I’m going to have the house all to myself!

I fuel up on coffee and arm myself with my lists, and get the breakfast-pack-lunches-look-for-snowpants-it’s-cold-out-today-where-is-your-form-for-your-fieldtrip started.

Finally, everyone grabs their lunch and off they go to work and school.

It’s Tuesday! The house is empty! I’m all alone…


Although Wednesday and Thursday are the same type of set-up as Tuesday, they don’t feel quite the same. Maybe because on Wednesday, but especially by Thursday, my “stay at home and write” day has turned into “crap we’re out of [fill in the blank]” and off I dash to the store to pick up the elusive items. Or I run other errands.

It’s not the same feeling, on Wednesday or Thursday.

Tuesday definitely trumps other days of the week, and most certainly trumps the weekend when everyone is home-but-not-home (because…hockey. See above.).

Monday is about recovery from the weekend, about getting the week started, about yearning for Tuesday.

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. And it can’t come soon enough.


For more, read my ode to coffee. But first, make yourself a cuppa.


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