Disillusioned times #AmWriting

The current political climate is disillusioning me. More than usual, I mean.

On the one hand, we have many things to be grateful for. On the other…same old. Lots of talk, very little action, hikes in prices and taxes that we were promised wouldn’t come, no accountability, and yet…we’re not starving. We’re heating our home. We’re filling up at the pump.

We’re carrying on, somehow, because we have to.

But all the hype about how it was going to get better with the Liberals in power, well, it’s not really happening, is it.

I’m using coupons to offset the price hikes. And I haven’t bought any wine since Christmas. (sniff)

* * *

I wished him well, even though I didn’t vote for him.

I thought, hm, maybe this is what we need in this country, something fresh, something new, someone younger. Someone who will act and not just talk about it.

I hoped he would prove me right, instead of wrong. Because it’s been a year.

So far, the only thing that I can say for sure is that I have less faith in politics in this land than I did before, which wasn’t much to begin with.

So now what do I do? What can I believe? Whom can I trust?

Same old.

In the meantime, they elected Mr. Trump to the top job stateside. This will impact us in many ways, and I sit here and sift through all of the media sources, wondering, how will it all end.

How will it end?

I am not feeling particularly assured of a happy ending. Not at all.

And, I’m out of wine.

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