Choosing whom to follow on twitter #AmWriting

I don’t follow Trump on Twitter. Nor the Kardashians, or most celebrities, or even most politicians.

And why not?

Well, frankly, I only follow the types of people or organizations that give me something interesting to read when I’m at kids’ activity venues or doctors’ offices. Things that aren’t gossipy. If I want to read gossip I can search for it (or pick up a magazine) and then drop it immediately after I’m done.

No reason to clutter up my twitter feed with gossip.

Trump, as it appears to me, is tweeting all kinds of stuff that does not appear especially interesting, nor particularly factual. And regardless, I see his tweets posted all over television and the internet, either in the news, or on other media sources shared by people via social media outlets. Why bother adding him to my list? He doesn’t say anything interesting enough that I can actually believe…(or, if he does, I have to spend too much time cross-referencing with factual media sources to figure out whether it’s true, or not).

I don’t want to clutter up my feed with half-truths or fake news or source-less political statements.

Same with the celebrities. Most (not all) haven’t peaked my interest (yet) with their tweets.

The first thing my kids ask when I talk about twitter is how many followers I have. When I tell them my small number, they wonder why I’m not ‘popular’.

They are missing the point.

I take this as an opportunity to educate them about what I feel twitter is, or could be, or should be. At least for me. My number of followers does nothing for me. What interests me is who I follow myself.

Take this example:

The other day in my right margin of my twitter feed was a suggestion of whom I should follow. It listed a local funeral home which is located just up the street from where we live.

I asked my kid, why would they have a twitter account? What do they advertise, or want to share with others?

I was really curious.

So I clicked on their profile and looked at some of their recent tweets, and noticed one in particular.

Someone at that funeral home re-tweeted about a Christmas dinner a local community centre hosted for senior citizens who were ‘home alone’. How nice!

I clicked ‘follow’ on the funeral home, and they followed me back a few minutes later.

My son was particularly impressed by this. (I hope he understood that simply following someone just to get a higher number doesn’t really contribute anything of value to the twitter account holder. Sure, you can brag about how many ‘friends’ you have or whatever, but what does that do for you?)

THIS is the kind of thing that interests me more than a skimpily clad Kardashian complaining she has nothing to wear. (And still, her tweets were everywhere, despite the fact that I didn’t follow her or her clan.)

I do follow some individuals rather than companies or organizations. Like bloggers whom I read or follow. As long as their tweets remain mostly personal (and not all pushy about business), I continue to stay interested in them. (Side note: nothing wrong with business accounts on twitter, they just don’t all interest me. I’m more interested in personal accounts, or readable articles.) There’s a certain kind of solidarity, knowing that I am not alone in my bubble. And these people tend to share articles they find interesting (or events or places to visit) that give me ideas for my own family.

Yes, this includes food. People who post recipes, food experiences and pictures of their creations do get my attention as well. Particularly if the pictures are not pinterest-worthy. We’re all regular people trying to stay inspired to feed our hungry chicks, so go ahead and let me know how you to managed to get through yet another dinner between work and commutes, homework and practices…

But mostly, I follow news outlets on twitter. A lot of the big ones, also some smaller, lesser known ones. They share articles that I can delve into when waiting for a kid someplace, or while procrastinating researching at home. Contrary to what my kids do when they grab my phone or tablet (play video games), I READ stuff. Lots of stuff. 🙂

The other thing I like about twitter is the immediacy of it. I’m a mom who has a kid on a school bus. So yeah, weather interests me. Nothing more immediate than the ever-changing weather forecasts in this wonderful country called Canada. And those who tweet about weather and how it affects the kids’ travel and school day, they get my attention on twitter.

As far as Trump is concerned, I have no doubt that even though I don’t follow him on social media, his words, spoken or written or typed out, will permeate across the world for all to see. Including me. Whether I want to see them, or not.

No need to follow him around.

My twitter handle is @writerofwords91


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