Kids and their email nonsense

I recently go the kids email accounts (which I own, control, and get copied on) and they have been practicing with each other and family.

The delight! The fun! The….incorrect grammar!


He will send his sister a nice little hashtag comment, like this:


She of course doesn’t miss a beat, and responds like this:



But I also get copies of interesting communications between my offspring and family. Here’s an example where an aunt asked my 11 year old what he wants for Xmas:

xbox 1s or ps4 plus. maybe iphone 7. If you get me that mommy is gonna kill both of us. so don’t.

His aunt replied:

Hahaha! Don’t want that to happen!

Sigh. (What does he need an iphone7 for? I don’t even have an iphone…)

Another time he wrote to his grandmother (my mom) about how he has to be extra careful that his grammar and spelling is correct, and then he promptly spelled the word ‘grammar’ wrong.


One night last week we had a big thing, where I lost my mind and yelled at everyone. The girl child started it with some homework-related antics, and it escalated from there and long story short, the next day, I get an email from her which said this:

I love you so much no matter how many times i say i hate you i love you a thousand times more

I heart her too. (Little trouble maker…)

So now I send my kids emails as well. I mean, maybe this way they’ll actually listen?

Get off the email, take a shower and GO TO BED!

After all, I still gotta deal with the Elf…



One thought on “Kids and their email nonsense

  1. Aw, adorable! I used to think that we should wait until the kids were older to get them online, but now I think the sooner the better – the earlier they start navigating that crazy world, the better. All the more so if their first practice emails and texts can be to close family. Sounds like it’s going to be a fun and funny holiday!


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