Little big-kid adventures

Yesterday I had to pick up my 9 year old at her school. She had an activity for 25 minutes past her bus departure and so I drove over with my mom to wait for her outside the schoolyard.

On the way home we got stuck behind a streetcar. About halfway between my daughter’s school and our street, at a big intersection, I see a group of boys getting on the tram.

One kid waves to us like a maniac as he approaches the back doors.

I look closer.

It’s my 11 year old!

What is he doing? I wonder out loud.

My mom shrugs. We don’t know what he’s doing.

We see him get on and take a seat at the back. Most kids migrate to the back, it seems. He turns to watch us, and he waves again.


I stay behind the streetcar, and a few streets further up, several of his buddies get off. I name them and wonder if my kid will get off with them and walk the last couple of blocks, or if he’s going to stay in the tram until his stop.

He doesn’t come out. (Lazy bum.)

I continue following the streetcar.

At our stop, I see him jump out, wave to me again, and then cross the street at the lights just like I told him to.

Will he walk home now or is he going to want a lift for the last few yards?

He stands on the opposite side of the the road, waves me down, and waits for me to pull over. He then looks left and right before crossing the street, and enters the van.

What were you doing getting off the streetcar halfway? I asked him.

Oh, it was packed and uncomfortable, and we saw the one behind us was almost empty, so we switched, he said.


My boy is making little decisions for himself, along with his buddies, commuting on the streetcar in his big city home.

How awesome is that.

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