Healthy baking with chia seeds

I think some of my family is dabbling in vegan recipes.

My sister for example is a great cook and very nutritiously aware. Her daughter, my niece, has a serious egg allergy so there had to be a lot of inventive cooking right from the get go. Today, as a teen, my niece is managing nicely and that’s a credit to her mom’s adventurous abilities in the kitchen. Sometimes I see photos of interesting recipes she creates and posts on social media, and I make a mental note to try some of them. She likes using sweet potatoes or coconut or chia seeds…

Did you know that chia seeds can be used as an egg substitute? I didn’t know this at first, but apparently there’s a way where you mix them with some liquid and let them stand for a while they act as a binder which you might need in baked goods. I’m sure google has plenty of ideas…

So my sister arrives from the west coast, and given my mom’s egg sensitivity (which is not an allergy), she made her a chia chocolate pudding.

So this pudding. My kids are not into puddings. Or jellos. Or custards….I love custard! I love whip cream and sweet drippy concoctions….anyway my sister’s pudding arrived at our house and one of the kids wanted to try it, declared it delicious, ate two spoons of it, decided she doesn’t want it after all, and now I have this nutritious, organic pudding sitting in my fridge.

What to do? I don’t want to waste it, I can’t eat it all myself (well, I shouldn’t)….so here’s what I decided to do to with it:

Chia seed chocolate pudding muffins

The dark mini-muffins are simple oatmeal muffins with the pudding added in for flavour and colour. The lighter coloured muffins have pumpkin puree and spice added in.

So now I have snacks ready for the kids to take to school. Nutritious, flavourful, non-processed snacks.


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