The end of summer, a shattered crockpot and why I use flaxseeds in my cooking

A few days ago, five minutes before I had to leave to meet a kid at the bus, I dropped my oval-shaped, clean crockpot.

It shattered into a million bits.

If it hadn’t been for the dog, I would have left it to clean up on the return. But alas, we were puppy sitting and she came over to sniff what all the commotion was about and of course there were splinters of glass and ceramic all over the extended living area…sigh. I had to do a very thorough, very quick cleanup to avoid puppy paw injuries, all the while thinking “why can’t I feel this energetic when it comes to cleaning the rest of the house”?

A new crockpot would have to be inaugurated stat.

As luck would have it, Canadian Tire had a sale on crockpots, 42% off. I repurchased the same size, mainly because it serves its purpose well for when we make slow-cooked ribs. It also serves its purpose well for when I want to make double batches, one for now and one for the freezer.

New crockpot

I love my crockpot during busy hockey nights. Only problem is, it’s been too hot and summery to make full use of it, just yet.

I long to make soups and stews, but no one wants to eat that stuff when the a/c is running.

The crockpot has been, and still is useful though. I made a really nice Thai peanut pork stew that we ate rolled up in tortillas, or topped on rice one night. I also sometimes cook chicken pieces in the crock and give them a quick grill later, when we get home, to induce that bbq scent everyone loves. We still use the crock in summer weather, just not as often as we do during cold weather.

On Thursday this week, fall officially arrives. Apparently, later this week, seasonal temperatures (aka cooler temps) will arrive as well.

Crockpot cooking is on my horizon, is what I’m saying here… and as usual, Sweet Potato Chronicles has all kinds of inspirational recipes to try. I’m especially interested in making soups and stews because I want to increase our flax intake…

* * *

Flax is my friend.

Apparently flaxseeds, ground into a coarse mixture so it can be readily absorbed by the body, is all kinds of healthy for you. I believe the one tip that has hit home with me personally over the years has been its ability to excrete excess hormones in the body.

I feel like I have excess something in my body…especially in the second part of my cycle.

Flaxseeds, or flaxseed oils (in capsule form) are part of my diet now. At the very least, they don’t do any harm. I have spoken to my Naturopath doctor and done a lot of reading, and concluded that flax should be a part of our family diet on a regular basis. For me in particular, the benefits include:

  • balances the ratio of progesterone and estrogen
  • helps decrease hotflashes
  • reduces cramps during pms
  • provides omega 3 fatty acids

I use something called seed cycling, where I focus on flax during the first part of my cycle, and at the mid-point, switch to a different type of omegas (Primrose Oil, Salmon or Fish oils). I was educated of this by my Naturopath doctor in recent years, but my previous General Practitioner from about ten years ago emphasized this as well. She kept her ground flaxseeds in the freezer and sprinkled them on her lunch meals.

It’s important to note that the flaxseeds have to be ground to be absorbed by the body. A simple electric coffee, or spice grinder will do the trick. Once ground, store the seeds in the fridge or freezer to avoid them getting rancid.

I sprinkle flax into my cereal or yogurt, add it to granola or recipes like muffins, cookies. I also mix flax in with anything I bread (fish, schnitzel) and add it to meatballs or meatloaf. I think I’ll add some to the salmon burgers I plan on making today.

Maybe later, I’m going to try to make flax crackers, using this recipe as inspiration.

Stay tuned for pictures.

2 thoughts on “The end of summer, a shattered crockpot and why I use flaxseeds in my cooking

  1. Kay, flaxseeds are out around here (seed allergy) but crockpots are IN. I haven’t had my crockpot out in like, six months. Time to return to the land of soup!

    Would love links to your favourites – these ribs you speak of sound intriguing.


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