About lost hockey equipment and too many frozen sausages

Beginning of hockey season has started with a BANG! Quite literally too….lots of practices, lots of action, and a pre-season tournament.

Of course, us not being amateurs, I should know better than to arrive at the rink without socks. This time, I remembered my jacket, but it was still cold! I stood next to a mom who had her winter jacket on and she was jumping up and down trying to stay warm, so it wasn’t just me in my thin jacket and summer shoes feeling the chill. I could have watched from the warmer observer lounge but decided to stand by the glass, see and hear the action close up. It’s the first game of the season for me (and the second for the team).

Outside it was summer. Hot, drizzly and humid.

In other we-are-not-amateur news, we have lost a new hockey glove. Because of the early hour this morning I packed the boy’s bag, checked twice that nothing was left behind and when we got to the rink there was only one new glove but both old gloves in the bag.

“Who did you sit beside at last night’s game?” I asked my boy. Maybe the glove got tossed into the wrong bag accidentally. We’ll have to figure it out at this afternoon’s game.

And so it begins…

* * *

I’m defrosting the freezer from the basement. As I empty it out, I notice a few things that really should not be in there anymore, like forgotten tubs of sorbet, and a huge pack of raw sausages that someone froze as one bag, instead of divided into smaller portions. Now, once we defrost the bag, we’ll have 30 sausages to cook.


Maybe I’ll do just that, cook them, make some meals with them and freeze the meals.

I’m very aware of the state of my fridge and freezer these days. With so much activity going on in the late afternoons and evenings, I pat myself on the back for having spent a weekend cooking and marinating portioned meals or meat to simply toss into a crockpot now. But until my freezer is relocated and plugged in again in our new garage, I won’t be purchasing a lot of freezer food. No place to put it.

As I said, and so it begins…


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