Not talking about the bus

I’m not going to talk about the schoolbus situation here in Toronto. Two years experience with the first child has made me re-plan the first week of school for my second child, although she will try the bus next week.

We shall see how it works out.

I will also not talk about the public transit system here in Toronto. I have seen some improvements over the years since the college campus next to us has expanded (which has resulted in a year of chaos on the transit system, but relief has finally been introduced to some parts of it affecting that area). My oldest is now on the streetcar and although it’s not without problems (overcrowding during peak school times and using the short ‘trams’ instead of the longer, double-car trams) it’s not bad. It could be worse (but also better). So I’ll just leave it at that.

Needless to say the week back to school has been very hectic and busy. Especially because the first preseason hockey tournament begins tonight (Friday!) and there’s been practices galore. Baseball finals are this month too and we’re dog sitting, and the garage renovation is almost complete and my partner is back to work and and and…

We’re the same as everyone else.

Makes me laugh when people think my life at home is calm, routine and organized. My life at home is the exact opposite of all that and will be until after mid October.

So I do what I do: I make food. I clean up after food. I shop for food. I cook food. I eat food. Today, I had leftovers and I made this for lunch:

Quinoa bowl with chicken, pear and beets

Quinoa bowl with chicken (leftover), beets (precooked), carrots (from chopping for kids’ lunches), and parsley (from garden). Half a pear was still left over from breakfast so I chopped that up too. Drizzle with olive oil and some lemon juice and…


I hope by next week my, and everyone’s days will regulate into a manageable routine so we can all get on with it. I’m looking forward to calmer, cleaner days myself, which…




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