Collision course: end of summer, beginning of hockey and back to school

Back to school is on everyone’s mind, but in some places, school started already.

My extended family in Switzerland had their first day of school this week.

In Germany I believe the first day of school is next week.

Some of the southerns States appear to have had their first day of school in mid August already. Hope they have air conditioning down there in the school systems…

harvest basket

Here in Toronto we are still in summer mode, until September 6. That’s when our kids go back to school. In two and a half weeks…the end of summer is marked by the air show flying over the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition), and until we see the Snowbirds fly off for the last time, summer is still on.

But make no mistake, back to school mode happens earlier, here, too, at least in the minds of many parents. For one thing, hockey season is about to start. And by hockey season, I mean hockey camps. Try finding ice time right now to get some practices in before the pre-season hockey tournament chaos beings, and you may be outta luck. You had to be on the ball about ice time back at the beginning of summer…which is why so many kids are booked in hockey camps for the last week or two of summer. They gotta get their legs back into skating mode or risk injury.

hockey legs

And so it beings. For us, on Monday, it’s back to the grind. Hockey camp for the boy and a sculpting camp for the girl.

school money jar

Another sure reminder that school is not far off is my money jar. You know that endless pile of papers that comes home with the kids during the first week? Half of that pile requests money for stuff. Usually in smaller denominations, which is why I have my jar starting to fill with larger coins, and smaller bills. I purposely break $20 bills now just to get the 5s and 10s…last year’s agenda was $7 cash. I always struggle to find cash, what with debit and credit cards accepted everywhere.

I sit here and type this with the fan blowing at my back. I refuse to turn on the air condition. It’s been hot and icky and humid for almost the entire two months since school let out, but over the past couple of days, the humidity went away. It’s hot, and sunny, and still summer, but not uncomfortable. I like that. I’m not ready for the next chapter, just yet.

To get my bearings, I dropped the kids off in various locations and aimed to get something done around here. The epitome of laziness has taken a toll on the state of this house, and part of me just wants to roll up the sleeves and start the cleaning process without any regard to food requests, drop off requests, pick up requests, and all the rest of it.

Once I start, I’ll be fine. “Grab a yogurt, a peach or a popsicle, and go outside, I’m CLEANING!”, I’ll yell at them. Or better yet, “pick up a sponge or a broom and help me out!”

Amazing how fast they can disappear when I’m in cleaning mode…

But it hasn’t happened yet. The dust and construction crumbs that drop off of his clothes when he comes in to get a cool drink are blowing around me, and I just don’t care. Or not enough to do something about it.

It’s still summer here in Toronto, physically and inside my head. I’ll wait for hockey season to begin and panic to take hold, and then, watch out. Momma’s gonna plug in the Dyson!


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