Computer crashes, some pondering, and a cool flag craft

I didn’t back up my computer.

Luckily, when my hard drive crashed a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t completely despaired. I’m in the habit of emailing myself important information, especially attachments and photos. I count my lucky stars I’ve been doing that with my photos…

I used to upload my photos to other places, a family photo blog, flickr, etc…and then I stopped, or meant to continue but didn’t take the time…perhaps it’s time to revisit.

Next decision was what now? Should I buy new, go to Mac vs Microsoft? So many decisions. I just wasn’t in the mood to research.

I finally opted out of replacing my laptop. Getting my hard drive replaced instead cost me $60 whereas a new laptop would have cost me way more.

I simply don’t want to spend the money right now.

So that’s one thing that’s happened.

Another thing that happened has been lurking in my brain for days now. One of the kids said something to me a couple of weeks ago, in the midst of the dog days of summer, that had me question myself. I asked her if she was having a nice summer and she said, yes, mostly, but she’s not really doing anything.


The way we approached summer this year was following the kids’ recommendation that they do not have to go to any summer camps. School and hockey season is busy enough, and they just want to decompress, not rush off to stuff all the time. So we accepted this, and with ongoing renovations happening in our backyard and with the garage, we figured we’ll be busy, they can help us out a bit and learn something, and take a lot of time to just hang around.

There were limits to wifi and electronics time, as well as television. They had to continue reading some French books to not completely forget the lessons from last school year (him) and take online typing lessons to improve typing speed for future book reports (her).

They went to the library together. A lot. They read books. They learned how to clean the bathroom, vacuum properly, and had kitchen duties to keep them from turning into lazy bums. But they also did fun stuff.

They went camping.

They went to sleepovers at their grandparents’ place.

They went to the Lion Safari and rode an elephant.

They increased their swim lesson levels and are still continuing with that.

They went to baseball practices, baseball games, and baseball tournaments, including one out of town one with a stay in a hotel.

And they had play-dates. To name just a few things.

So when my 8yo said she didn’t really do anything, I was a bit stumped.

“Well do something then”, was my answer.

Why do we have to be the ones to provide all the entertainment?

Then, this happened:

Flag Craft

We got the idea from Lynn over at TurtleHead, and when my 8yo saw that post, she pestered me to copy this fantastic idea. The timing is perfect what with the Olympics on tv all the time, and how great is this method for teaching them a little geography?

Awesome. Bonus? They can write about that in their “what I did this summer” essay when they return to school.


3 Replies to “Computer crashes, some pondering, and a cool flag craft”

  1. SWEEEEET!! I love spreading flag joy. These look awesome!

    If you want to make a few more complicated ones, I highly recommend investing in a) a star-shaped punch, about 1 inch in diameter, and b) some smaller star-shaped stickers in white and yellow. It will save you a LOT of hours cutting out tiny, tiny stars :).

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    1. Sonja asked me to ‘do’ the complicated ones. I think what she thought she’d do is cheat a little and maybe print the emblems and paste them on. For now, we’re sticking to the simpler ones.


      1. Oh, I totally print the emblems on the really hard ones! Stuff like the central image on the Mexico or India flag is printed on our colour printer and cut out. If it’s a solid shape – like the temple on the Mongolia flag, or even the shield on the Kenya flag – I actually do bother to cut out tiny pieces of paper and glue them on. But for really crazy shields and designs, it’s printer all the way.

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